Did you need to burn fat in a fun way?

Pokemon Go referred to as games that promote physical activity. Calorie burning that occurs when you play this game can be used to lose weight.

Easy way to burn fat in a fun way - Play Pokemon GO

The number of calories burned while playing the Pokemon Go determined many factors. How many monsters that can't be caught because of the size of its appearance is very random. Sometimes quite short walk to be able to catch a lot of monsters, but sometimes vice versa.

The only activity in this game that could become the benchmark for calculating calorie burning is to incubate the eggs. There are 3 types of eggs that are available, i.e. eggs labeled 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. Type of latter rare compared eggs 2 km and 5 km.

Eggs 2 km means must be hatched in a way on foot as far as 2 km according to the calculation of GPS (Global Positioning System). So also with eggs 5 km and 10 km, respectively must be hatched in a way on foot as far as 10 km.

Calculation of distances for both incubate the eggs can not be cheated, for example by way of riding motorcycle taxis or other vehicles. Movement of to incubate the eggs are restricted to a maximum of 20 miles/hour or 30 km/h. More than that, the eggs do not hatch.

How many calories that we burn?

The Ministry of health of the US states that incubate 1 egg 5 km can burn approximately 300 calories. I usually run as far as 5 km jogging track at will burn approximately 300-400 calories (also depends on several factor, such as how tall you are, age, etc).

Although later much debated by scientists, the weight loss of 1 pound or about 0.45 kg is believed to need as much burning 3,500 calories. Based on this assumption, then it can be calculated how many Pokemon eggs hatched should to be able to get the slim body.

If the movement as far as 5 km to burn 300 calories, then it takes a movement so far 58 km to produce combustion of 3,500 calories. It means to get off of 0.45 kg weight, a person needs to incubate as many as 11 eggs labeled Pokemon to 5 km.

The same calculation applies to eggs labeled 2 km. to lose weight 0.45 kg, it takes about 29 eggs labeled 20 km.

Then what to note before you try it? One thing, the numbers are only approximate. In practice, there are many factors that influence. Often stop when incubate the egg, either to catch the monster as well as taking bonus at PokeStops, effect on burning calories.

Start run to hatch you pokemon egg Tricky isn't it? That is, the sport on a regular basis and more measurable health compared to just chasing after the virtual monsters.

Lucky me i am a runner, so it doesn't matter if i run 5km or run a marathon to get a rare Pokemon Monster.

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