How to Update Openshift Ghost Quickstart to latest version

Based on Ghost Developers page at, Ghost latest version should be 0.9.0. I had my blog installed using Openshift Ghost Quickstart that based on Ghost 0.7.5. Depend on the repo could be a long way for them to update the repo.
Here is the step i do to update it myself.

1. Do the Backup, man!

You don't want to get messy when do this whole-updating thing. It is the first every clever people before do other things. You can do the ghost blog using the Labs menu in your blog admin panel, or you can use rhc to backup your data including database and your settings.
If you are using rhc use this command to save snapshot of your current installation:

rhc save-snapshot <app_name>

to download a tar file containing your code, databases, and other relevant data, and use this command:

rhc restore-snapshot

to restore the state of an app.

2. Clone you repository

If you already had a clone of your blog repository, skip this to the next step. Continue if you not yet clone your blog.
I assume you already had git installed. First, you need to login to your openshift console. After that you will be listed all of your application. Choose blog ghost application that need to be updated. Your repo url will be shown under source code.
openshift repo git url Copy that url and then do type:
git clone <repository_url> <directory to create>

  • repository_url is your repo git url
  • directory to create is the full path destination where your blog will be cloned to.

NOTE: If you have an error like this:

Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).

fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights  
and the repository exists.  

You need to up setup SSH keys first. Follow this guide how to setup and upload your public key to your openshift account: =>

3. Update package

Because of Openshift Ghost Quickstart using NPM dependencies, you only simply need update package.json file to the following:

"dependencies": {
    "ghost": "^0.9.0"

After that, open command prompt and go to your blog directory, then run the following command:
npm update

4. Push your changes

After your changes, you need to push back your local repo to Openshift using git push. Make sure you already backed up your blog.

Inside your blog directory, proceed with the following command:
1. git add -A
2. git commit -m "Updated ghost to latest 0.8.0" (or whatever comment)
3. git push

Wait until the process finish itself.
Git Push Updating local repo Openshift Ghost Quickstart to remote

Finally, restart your application in your Openshift Console.

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