Starting Android Studio

Android Studio is basically an IDE, Integrated Development Environment, the same kind of Eclipse and similar. Android Studio becomes official android editor replacing Eclipse, built based on IntellijIDEA the popular Java IDE by JetBrains. It includes ADT (Android Development Plugin) plugin. So it has all IntellijIDEA's features.

Starting Android Studio

Android Studio supports Gradle-based system. You can build your app inside Android Studio build system or you can build your app in command line. Download Android Studio now and start exploring.

  1. Using Layout Editor
    Android Studio offers great layout editor that enables you drag-and-drop widget to layout and see directly what you have changed when editing xml layout. In layout editor you can switch between Design layout or XML layout where you can edit xml file as text.

  2. When you start a new project with Android Studio, project structure will appear along with almost all existing files in the directory the SDK, the transition to Gradle-based management system provides greater flexibility in the development process.

  3. Android Studio allows you to see any visual changes you make to the application directly. You could also see the differences when facing on with different Android devices, including configuration and resolution simultaneously.

  4. Other features in Android Studio are new tools for packing and code labeling. The program also uses a drag and drop system to move components using friendly user interface.

  5. In addition, this environment also supports Google Cloud Messaging. A feature that allows you to send data from the server to your Android device via the cloud, the best way to send reminders on your apps.

  6. The program also helps you to localize your applications, giving you a visual picture to keep programming while controlling the flow of the application.

So, if you still can't move on from Eclipse IDE, why not migrate now. It has been heavy developed and much better and getting better.

Happy coding ^_^

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