Tools to Build Android App

What we need to have to build our first Android app? Before you going forward, in our previous article about why build apps for android we know that mostly Android apps build using Java programming. That's the only native language for Android. But other than that you can make Android apps without knowing Java language.
But we not gonna discuss that. We will use Java language in this tutorial.

Install Android Studio Basically, Android Studio is IDE that officially support by Google. Previously, we use Eclipse as official IDE. If you prefer using Eclipse, you still can use it. But i prefer using Android Studio, and after version 1.0, i moved my IDE from Eclipse to Android Studio and change my source code to gradle.

  • Built on IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, the popular Java IDE by JetBrains.
  • Flexible Gradle-based build system.
  • Build variants and multiple APK generation.
  • Expanded template support for Google Services and various device types.
  • Rich layout editor with support for theme editing.
  • Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and other problems.
  • ProGuard and app-signing capabilities.
  • Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine.

Now, what we have to do to install it?
1. Go to Android Developer site and download Development Tools there. Their site:
2. Follow any step on that page to finish the installation step of Android Studio.
3. Launch Android Studio and don't forget to install Android SDK. Download only minimum and maximum API level that you are going to build. Or if you do not want to have a headache later, you can install all Android API level.

There are already has default template inside Android Studio whether you gonna build for Smartphone or Tablet or Android TV. Do not be afraid, just create new project and experiment with it.
And you are ready to build your first android app.

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