1Mii Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch & Lite,Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter with APTX LL Low Latency Supports Bluetooth Headphone Speakers PS4 PC,Come with USB C to A Converter

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Features on 1Mii Bluetooth Adapter Audio Transmitter




Dual Streaming

1Mii bluetooth transmitter for nintendo switch Support two headphones wireless audio simultaneously with aptX Low Latency technology.Just enjoy awesome cooperative games and share fun with your family members.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 delivers a flawless connection and ultra-fast transmission speeds.It also supports wireless earphones with Bluetooth 4.0, 3.0 or 2.1.

TV Dock Mode Supported

You can use bluetooth USB C to A adapter to connect bluetooth earphones with the switch when you are playing Nintendo Switch games in TV dock mode.




Support aptX Low Latency

ML401 bluetooth adapter for switch adopts the aptX Low Latency codec to eliminate that annoying lag you may get and ensure smooth transmission for excellent game feel.

10 meters barrier-free transmission

Advanced ceramic antenna provides up to 10 meters barrier-free transmission without any loss.

Easy to Carry with

Small and light,portable and easy to carry with.You even can not feel any more weight when use it.No battery needed.




Plug and Play

Customized USB C port for easy use, dual buttons for two earphones connection with fast and simple pairing

Not Disturbing Others

If you want to play swith games and worry about bothering other family memembers,this will help to sovle your issue.

Better protect your nintendo switch

We specially design enough space to put a protective shell on your Nintendo switch to protect it.

The bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4 and PC, which could connect your devices with bluetooth headsets Easily.


High quality, Low Latency USB-C Bluetooth AUDIO transmitter (w/ USB-A support). It ONLY supports Audio Transmission, and is not for keyboards, mouse devices, game controllers or data transfer.

Special Features

*Dual Streaming

Support two headphones wireless audio simultaneously with aptx low latency technology.

*Super Low Latency

The bluetooth adapter for switch lite supports A2DP,APTX,APTXLL to ensure low latency and perfect audio when you use this Bluetooth adapter with your switch, watching movies, or listening to music.

*Battery Free

No extra battery needed,the adapter will be powered directly by your connected devices.

*Plug and Play

Customized USB C port for easy use,two buttons for two earphones connection with fast and simple pairing.

*Wide Compatibility

The thinnest body with only 5mm bluetooth transceiver switch works for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite, PS4,PC multiplatform.

How is work?

1.Set your receiving devices (bluetooth earphone, headset, speaker) to bluetooth pairing status.

2.Plug ML401 bluetooth adapter , press and hold the pairing button(A or B)5 seconds into pairing mode with blinking white LED light.

3.Pairing is successful onece the LED turns to constant light.

What’s in the box?

1 * Wireless audio transmitter

1 * USB-A male to USB-C female adapter

1 * Travel Case

1 * User manual


1. To realize low delay transmission by aptX or aptX LL protocol Bluetooth headset and Bluetooth transmitter need to be equipped with aptX or aptx LL technology.

2. Due to the particularity of Bluetooth signal transmission and size limitation, TWS earphones normally have weaker signal strength and anti-interference ability compared with ordinary Bluetooth earphones.

3. Due to the nature of wireless technology itself on Bluetooth headset, there might be issues of disconnection or delay caused by telectromagnetic interferences in air sometimes.

4. The device can’t be charged while using this adapter.

5.The slight gap between Switch and ML400, just in case you have a thin case covering your Switch. But, if you don’t have a case, there will be a slight gap.

✅ [USB C Bluetooth Audio Transmitter] The thinnest bluetooth transmitter adapter compatible for Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite,PS4,PC, perfectly solved the problem of non-Bluetooth devices connected to bluetooth receivers like Earphones, Headphones and Speakers.
✅ [Dual Streaming]The bluetooth adapter for switch can be paired to two bluetooth headphones/speakers, and streams audio to both of them simultaneously. Just enjoy awesome cooperative games and share fun with your family members, friends or loved ones.
✅ [Just Plug & Play, Fast Pairing]No batteries and charging needed at all!Simple dual headphones connection setup,just hold the pairing button A or B 5 seconds into pairing mode with blinking white LED. Pairing is successful once LED turns to constant white. And do not need to pair again next time.
✅ Support Dock Mode] Come with a USB C to A adapter, so this bluetooth adapter switch also support gaming in tv dock mode for nintendo switch.ML401 built-in microphone function, if your Bluetooth headset has mic, it can support voice calls.

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