Aopin 6mm to 7mm Rigid Couplings Shaft Stepper Motor, Length 25mm / 1″ Coupler Motor Connector Casing Joint with Screw for 3D Printer, RC Robot, Car Model Shaft, CNC Machine, DIY Encoder 2 Pcs

Price: $9.19
(as of Apr 08,2021 23:02:42 UTC – Details)

We provide various kinds of rigid coupling for choosing. Please check the correct size before purchase.

1. The rigid coupling has good starting performance, which can transform the load starting of the motor into no-load transmission, realize the soft start of the working machine, reduce the starting current, adjust the transmitted torque, realize overload safety protection, and have certain compensation performance.
2. It has obvious shock absorption, no noise and no wear.
3. It is suitable for working in high temperature (-80+300) and harsh environment, and can move safely under shock and vibration conditions.
4. High transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Especially suitable for medium, high speed and high power transmission.
5. Simple structure, light weight, small size, convenient assembly and disassembly, and no need for lubrication.
6. It can accurately transmit the speed without slip, and can be used for the transmission of precision machinery.

Reminder: The product contains small parts, please keep away from children and pets.
❤Rigid Couplings Set Screw Shaft Size: 6mm to 7mm / 0.24″ to 0.28″. Coupling With M4 Fastening Screws. Outer Diameter: 14mm / 0.55″, Length 25mm / 1″.
❤Shaft Coupling Rigid Are Used In Servo Motor Systems, 3D Printer, Cnc Machine, Diy Encoderspindle Transmissions, Stepping Motors, Lifting Platforms, Machine Tool Transmissions, Stepping Motors, Encoders, Screw Drives, Machine Platforms Or Gearboxes, Etc. The Purpose Is To Firmly Connect The Driving Shaft And The Driven Shaft To Rotate Together And Transmit Motion And Torque. Great Suitable For Short Support Shaft, Bushing Model, Miniature Shaft, Model Airplane/ Boat / Car.
❤6mm to 7mm Rigid Couplings Set Screw Material: High-Quality Aluminum Alloy Material, The Surface Is Treated By Anodizing, With Superior Corrosion Resistance. Fixed By Screws; Main Color: Blue, Suitable For Working In High Temperature (-80℃ / +300℃) And Harsh Environments, Even If There Is Vibration And Shock , It Is Still Safe To Move.
❤Compensate For Axial And Radial Offset. Shock Mitigation, Vibration Absorption, High Transmission Efficiency, Noise Reduction, And Low Wear. When The Rated Torque Is Exceeded, The Coupling Can Protect The Safety Of The Linkage.
❤Package: 2 Pcs Rigid Couplings with Screw. Aopin Recommends Using M2 Hex Wrench!

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