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Best VPS Hosting Providers

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VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a method to share resources in a physical server for several Virtual Server (Virtual Machine). VPS hosting definition can be called as server side technology about operating system and software which enable a full capacity machine divided in a several virtual machines. Each virtual machine will robustly serve individual operating and software.

VPS hosting is usually used for hosting a website. If you know what you want to do technically, manage your own server, VPS is a great choice. You have your very own control what you will build for your site. Each VPS providers has their own advantages from price point and performance. We’re going to take a look each of them.

How does a VPS server work?

As its name implies, the whole technology is about virtualization. Virtualization technology will divide a powerful machine/server into several virtual server. You can imagine it as a physical server that functions as a several server.

Even though the physical server is shared, there is a layer of privacy with its services. The resource of virtual server you are using will be reserved only for you. You won’t have to share your CPU, RAM, storage or any other data.

It means you will have:

  • Dedicated resources: you will have your own CPU, RAM, Storage, Bandwidth
  • Better security: you will get full environment isolation from other VPS provider users.
  • Complete root access; it’s like you have your dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a perfect choice of price, performance, security and privacy. Some of the advantages of VPS hosting:

  • Free to install and uninstall software that you like.
  • Quick server setup.
  • Less downtime, because VPS hosting usually is hosted in a data center they have more uptime guarantee.
  • Have your own IP Public.
  • Private environment in which VPS server hosted.
  • Full administrator, you will have root access, similar level of services as with a dedicated server.

The Best VPS Hosting Providers

Following are the best VPS Hosting Providers in 2019.


UpCloud is one of the cloud infrastructure company that offers the world’s fastest cloud servers from its eight global data centers in Europe, Asia and North America. Its also claim that they have high performance VPS and high availability (100% uptime).

Following services that UpCloud has:

  • Cloud Server is a VPS that has high availability with a 100% uptime SLA.
  • MaxIOPS Block Storage is a data storage service that offer you industry-leading performance and reliability.

Following features that UpCloud has:

  • High performance VPS with MaxIOPS.
  • Simple but powerful API, maximize ability to automate everything.
  • Industry-leading performance.
  • Easy transfer between cloud servers.


  • Simple Plan

UpCloud Simple Plan

  • Flexible Plan

UpCloud Flexible Plan


Vultr is a cloud service provider established since 2014 and has provided some service such as Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2), Bare Metal, Block Storage, Dedicated Instances. Vultr currently has several data center in 16 locations across the world.

Following services that Vultr has:

  • Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2) is a VPS service that suitable for web server.
  • Bare Metal is a physical server service.
  • Block Storage is a service that used to save your own data storage.
  • Dedicated Instances is a dedicated VPS service in high scale and dedicated its resources only for you.

Following features that Vultr has:

  • Data center in 16 locations across the globe.
  • Easy control panel to manage, monitor, configure you VPS.
  • Has many options of available operating systems, also you can use your custom OS that can be uploaded to server.
  • One Click Apps Instance is a one-click tool to install app such as CPanel, Docker, WordPress, Drupal, etc.


  • Vultr Cloud Compute

Vultr Cloud Compute (VC2)

  • Bare Metal Simplified

Bare Metal Simplified

  • Block Storage

Started from $1/month for 10GB SSD Storage

Block Storage

  • Dedicated Instances

Dedicated Instances

They also offer free credits to try. Get Free $50 free Vultr credits

Netcup is Germany internet service provider established in 20 November 2008. Netcup operates its data center in data center facilities at Nuremberg, Germany. They guarantee at 99,6% uptime SLA. They also offer minimum bandwidth 5Gbit/s DDoS protection for free. They offer multiple service from web hosting, root server, domains, SSL Certificates, Software. We will only mention root server that they offer.

Netcup DDoS protection

Following services that Netcup has:

  • Root Server is cloud server that combine the advantages of virtual and dedicated servers. Despite virtualization the root servers provide guaranteed resources of CPU, RAM, storage.
  • vServer (VPS) is a cloud server that has minimum contract term as adaptable as possible, its virtual servers (VPS) provide a lot of compute power at a very favorable price.
  • Storage Server is a cloud storage servers that designed to a lot of storage space. In addition a RAID6 enable the optimum protection for the availability of your data. The storage servers can be combined with its root server or vServer to enable a cost-effective basis of data backup.

Following features that Netcup has:

  • It has their own tier 3 data center facililty in Nuremberg, Germany.
  • High DDoS protection with minimum bandwidth of 5Gbit/s and free of charge.
  • Powerful technology and service option.
  • Redundant power and network connections.


  • Root Server

Root Server Pricing

  • vServer

vServer Pricing

  • Storage Server

Storage Server Pricing


VPS hosting services is suitable for startup, company, or other business that have transaction or significant traffic is strongly recommended. There are a number of consideration when looking for a VPS hosting provider. A lot of it depend on the needs of both you and your website.

Everything considered, there are some standard consideration that everyone should look into when choosing a host. These are:

  • Uptime – This is critical for any site. No provider can guarantee 100% uptime (there are but few), but the closer you can get to your site never going down, the better.
  • Root Access – If you’re more technically able, having greater flexibility and customization over your server is brilliant. You can install additional software that meets your site’s needs, and beef up its security.
  • Bandwidth – Similar to uptime, bandwidth is something all sites rely on. Nearly half of internet users expect a web page to load within two seconds, so it’s vital your site has ample bandwidth.
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