CABLEDECONN HDMI to VGA DVI HDMI Converter Adapter Cable with Audio 3.5mm Micro USB for HDMI Laptops Computers etc Connecting Simultaneously-Black

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(as of Apr 17,2021 12:47:59 UTC – Details)

How to use This HDMI to HDMI VGA DVI 3.5MM Audio Micro USB Adapter:

1:Please connect HDMI Input Port to your Input Device,such as Set Top Box,Computer/Laptops etc.
2:Please connect an HDMI or VGA or DVI cable from our adapter’s Female Ports to your Output Device,such as Projectors,Monitors,Tvs.Please be well known that you can connect three external displays simultaneously when connecting Window System Input Devices .
3:Please connect Micro USB cable from our Adapters to your USB Devices in case insufficient power if needed,if you connect to Mac OS Input Devices,this step is necessary,or you can noy get content displayed in your monitors.
4:No matter You only connnect one external display or Multi-displays,you can output sound by connnecting from our Adapter’s audio 3.5mm jack to your external speakers,and if your connected HDMI displays with Audio Out and Speakers Built in,the sound can be also directly transmitted along with your video to your HDMI Monitors,

Compatible Devices:

The HDMI to HDMI VGA DVI 3.5mm Audio Micro USB Adapter is compatible with SetTop Box,Computers/Laptops and most of HDMI Input Devices,and also compatible with Monitors/Projectors/Tvs as output devices which are equipped with HDMI VGA or DVI Port.

Important Notes When using:

1:You can connect three moniors(HDMI VGA and DVI) at the same time if your input devices with Windows System;but in Mac OC Devices,only HDMI&VGA or VGA&DVI can be connected together,HDMI and DVI can not be connected together
2:The Max Resolution of our this Adapter is 1080p,if you would like to output 1080p in your monitors,please make sure you have 1080p cable,1080p source and 1080p monitors
3:If you buy adapter from us,we do not supply HDMI ,VGA or DVI cables.

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Packing Contents:

– 1 x 4-in-1 HDMI to Hdmi/dvi/vga Adapter Cable with Audio Output Converter
– 1 x Audio cable
– 1 x Micro USB Power cable

Multifunction HDMI 4in1 simultaneous display converter,【Note: Duplicate max three same external screens,but it can not extend three different external screens】This adapter allows you to connect from your HDMI input device to your Big Size HDMI VGA or DVI Output Screens via a HDMI VGA or DVI cable(needed,but not included),Please be well note that you can connect three monitors simultaneously in your Windows System Devices,while in Mac OS Devices,HDMI and DVI Port can not be connected together
1080p Video Output:When you use our Adapter,you can duplicate your input devices’ screen to your external HDMI and VGA DVI Monitors,if you connect more than one additional displays,all your screens can only have same view.It max support to output 1080p resolution.Only duplicate same screen in external monitors.
Audio synchronous transmission:If you would like to output Audio via our Adapter,please connect from our adapter’s audio 3.5mm jack to your external speakers ,then the sound come out in your speakers;but if one of your HDMI monitor with audio output and speakers built in,the sound can be also directly transmitted to your attached HDMI displays along with the video.Note:Does not work with Chromecast to get audio for TV or Monitor.
Micro USB for Power Supply;if you connect to your Mac OS devices,you must connect a Micro USB Cable from our Adapter to your own USB devices to power our adapter,if you do not follow this step,your external monitors will not Display,if in Windows System Devices,just connect USB for Power if Needed
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