Cannot Launch Android Emulator

Android Emulator is useful when you want to debug locally inside your environment. We can debug with any minimal Android API requirements that our apps need. But, sometimes we cannot launch Android Emulator with some error.

Last time, i had this error log:

[140735755441088]:ERROR:./android/qt/qt_setup.cpp:28:Qt library not found at ../emulator/lib64/qt/libCould not launch '../emulator/qemu/darwin-x86_64/qemu-system-i386': No such file or directory

I run emulator in Android Studio or command line, the emulator did not want to start. It seems it cannot find directory as log said.

Do this to solve the error:

  • Edit the system environment variables
  • Make sure you have set user variable for ANDROID_HOME
  • Remove any variable /path/to/android-sdk/tools from user and system environment variable.
  • Save and exit

Now, you can try to launch your Android Emulator again.

Originally posted 2018-12-11 23:38:00.

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