How To Install MySQL Workbench 8 on macOS

In this article, we take a look at the installation of MySQL Workbench 8 on the MacOS system. MySQL Workbench is a desktop application that allows developers to the SQL Server, Development, Design Database Procedure, as well as the maintenance of an integrated development environment. As of this article written, …

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Obtaining innodb monitor output

To assist MySQL troubleshooting, you can enable InnoDB monitor output. InnoDB monitor output begin with a header containing timestamp, as shown below. =====================================2014-10-16 18:37:29 0x7fc2a95c1700 INNODB MONITOR OUTPUT===================================== Following an example InnoDB monitor output. It has many data to examine your troubleshooting needs. =====================================2019-07-09 17:07:17 0x7fefc9c2c700 INNODB MONITOR OUTPUT=====================================Per second …

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How to resolve cannot set max_connections through my.cnf

I have some problem with MySql/MariaDB configuration to set max_connections parameter in /etc/my.cnf but MariaDB does not seem to read the parameter from the file. This appears to be some bug in the new mysqld. Setting max_connections to 1000, it was  reset to 214 during service restart/startup. # grep -i …

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