How to Delete Queued Jobs in Laravel Horizon

I’ve been struggle to delete all queue jobs in Laravel Horizon when you are using redis as the Queue driver. To do this there are some options:Option-1: general Using the laravel-queue-clear package which is developed by Craig Morris that provides a useful tool to delete all kinds of queued jobs …

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Fixing Drupal 8 Opcache warning (PHP OPcode caching not enabled)

I’m fairly new to Drupal (Drupal 8) and OPcode caching. I hate to see warnings, and checked with my hosting provider who assured me that OPcode caching was enabled.I configured my php.ini with the necessary information, and checked that my cache folder was indeed filling up with information from people …

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How to install ionCube Loader in EasyEngine

EasyEngine v4 builds with container minded. So, every site will have separate configuration. It uses docker heavily. If you want to add some modules or extension, you need to know how docker works first. Lately, i have a project using ionCube PHP Loader. I need to add the extension to …

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