Comidox 1Pcs 20/24 Pin LCD Computer PC Power Supply Tester for ATX BTX ITX TFX SATA with Buzzer Automatic Alarm

Price: $9.99
(as of Jul 23,2021 06:26:50 UTC – Details)

Material: plastic
Size: 126x64x18.5mm/4.95×2.51×0.72inch
Weight: 120g

Operation method:
A. Plug the power supply 20PIN or 24PIN and P4, P6 or P8 into the corresponding position of the power tester. (If you plug in the 20PIN or 24PIN interface tester alarm and display LL, you need to plug in 4P! Please look for 4P must be inserted in the 4P position!)
B. Turn on the power and “drip” sounds two sounds. If the values of each group are not flashing, it means that the power input is normal.
C. If a circuit voltage signal is not detected (such as a 20PIN or 24PIN connector) or the detected voltage is out of the normal range, the buzzer will sound a “drip” warning for a long time, and the corresponding voltage or PG value will be displayed. If the status is flashing, it means the power supply is faulty!

The +3.3V light plugged into the SATA interface tester is not lit because the power SATA interface has 4 wires and 5 wires. First, make sure that your power SATA interface is 4 wires or 5 wires. If it is 4 Line, that is no +3.3V output, only 5 lines have +3.3V output.

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Package Includes: 1Pcs

The LCD power tester is a powerful power test device. This power tester only needs to be connected to the ATX connector of the power supply to easily and intuitively know whether the output of each power supply is normal. It can detect ATX, BTX, ITX, TFX computer power supply, and can display various voltage and PG values in liquid crystal to quickly detect the performance of computer power supply.
The LCD displays various parameters such as output voltage and PG. When each parameter exceeds the normal value, the buzzer will sound a warning and the corresponding value will flash.
It can measure the voltage of each group of power supply 3.3V/+5V/+12V/-12V/SB+5V/PG, and also measure the output wire P4/P6/P8/SATA/IDE, external DIE/SATA/P6/P8 is the light Displayed, there is no LCD voltage. Only the 24pin or 20pin will have the LCD voltage.
It has LCD intuitive and accurate display voltage (+/-0.01V), automatic fault alarm, complete test interface, small and beautiful appearance, and many test functions. It is the best choice for quickly detecting PC power.
Support 20Pin, 24Pin ATX interface / SATA interface / 4Pin, 8Pin interface / PCI-E graphics card 6Pin interface / floppy drive interface / ATE hard disk interface.

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