Cool Gaming Peripheral Punkston TH61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,RGB Backlit Wired Ultra-Compact Mini Mechanical Keyboard Full Keys Programmable Black (Optical Blue Switch)

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Product Description

TH61 RGB Mechanical keyboardTH61 RGB Mechanical keyboard


PUNKSTON TH61 is an RGB Mechanical Keyboard with 61 keys, durable 2k injection keycaps, bright brilliant RGB backlight, anti-ghosting technology, full n-key rollover,able to perform complex executions using our Fn combo. What’s more, You can DIY your keyboard with our powerful application, for Windows. Remap keys, edit macros, multi-media control, all easily done with our application for Windows.

60% Compact Design – Minimalistic compact design; Space saving on desk while portable on the go. Compatible with Windows,macOS,Linux and Android.Not compatible with Xbox,PS4 ,PS5.(If you want to use ps4/ps5, please download the update package)

Download Link:

Video Tutorial:

water proofwater proof


IPX4 Waterproof based on circuit board and optical switch, so you wouldn’t worry about any spillage. Plus, when time comes to give it a wipe, you can clean it without reservations. The unique design of three small holes at the bottom of the framer can quickly drain the water.


Hot Swappable Optical Switch

TH61 60% mechanical keyboard uses optical switches which can be hot swapped for those keen at customization, you can swap the switches easily with a puller with no soldering needed. Great little feature for those DIY inclined folks .(Note Hot-Swap function is for Optical switches only)

61 Keys Compact Design61 Keys Compact Design

61 Keys Compact Design

This mini 61 key gaming keyboard is compact yet capable of executing multi-functions with personalized shortcuts, giving you quick access to Home Page, Music, Email, etc combining with FN key, we have engraved tiny visual cues on the keycaps to help identify and select desired shortcuts.

Our arrow keys are “locked” by default, to unlock them, simply Press Fn+> key. Now the navigational/arrow keys functions can be executed by single individual press on them. To lock them, simply repeat the same process.

Also, if you would like to activate the arrow keys by pressing Fn key with a particular arrow key,i.e. Fn+Arrow key combo, you can achieve this capability by installing this Windows software upgrade.

Copy and paste to your browser to download: (there is also a tutorial in the link above about this upgrade)

Detachable Type-C CableDetachable Type-C Cable

Detachable Type-C Cable

Our keyboard set comes with a 59 inch detachable Type-C USB cable allowing for ultra-fast & reliable data transfer.

Double shot backlit keycapsDouble shot backlit keycaps

Double Shot Backlit Keycaps

Special double-shot molding technology is used so our keycaps will not fade and wear easily, ensuring durability and overall performance. Besides, these are also backlit keycaps!

Not just any Ordinary switchesNot just any Ordinary switches

Not Just Any Ordinary Switches

TH61 uses Optical switch with optical beam-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light! The keys are ultra-durable and tested to 50 million keystrokes.

61 Keys Compact Design61 Keys Compact Design

Detachable Type-C CableDetachable Type-C Cable

Double shot backlit keycapsDouble shot backlit keycaps

Not just any Ordinary switchesNot just any Ordinary switches

Keyboard SettingKeyboard Setting

Lighting SettingLighting Setting

Programmable macros SettingProgrammable macros Setting

Keyboard Setting

This is a cool compact 61 board but it has all the functionalities as you can program different keyboard layers, then easily switch between layers to access more functions with limited physical keys.

Lighting Setting:

Fancy backlight personalization! You are the boss as to the color-coding of each key! Designate the preferred backlight colors to each key as you prefer!

Programmable Macros Setting:

With our software for Windows, you can record macros and remap all keys and keypress to perform complex commands according to your needs and preferences. PUNKSTON TH61 Sofware Download: . (Note that this software is for Windows only at this stage)

4 switches4 switches

Blue Switch: Excellent tactile feedback, when pressed, you can clearly get the feedback of the click, and with a clear clicky sound, great for gaming and typing. These tactile key switches help ensure accurate data entry.

Brown Switch: Slightly quieter and easier to trigger than the Blue Switch. Halfway between a typing and a gaming switch. Some people prefer Brown since it enables you to double tap faster and typists like them because they still have a good linear feedback, but the audio feedback isn’t quite noticeable as Blue Switch.

Black Switch: Linear switches with softer tactile feel, non clicky with 60 cN (±15 cN) actuation force, pure professional mechanical touch for gaming, preferred by lots of professional gamers.

Red Switch: Linear Switch, meaning that the force at the beginning and the end of each stroke is nearly identical. The result is a feel that most perceive as “Quieter” and “Faster” making them especially popular among gaming enthusiasts. Red Switch is the better fit for Office use.

Full RGB Mechanical KeyboardFull RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Hot Swappable Optical Switches – Quality optical blue switches employ optical beam-based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light, springy feeling & crisp clicky sound,lasting 50 million keypresses.(Hotswappable with only optical switches)
Customizable RGB Backlight – 5 custom modes available with 13 unique preset backlight effect of various chroma with capabilities to adjust brightness, color and backlight cycling speed of individually backlit keys.
Solid Build Quality – IPX4 waterproof based on the optical switches and circuit board, no need to worry about spilled drinks. Easy to clean, the design of the drainage hole can quickly drain the water.
Programmable Macros – Custom Software allows macros recording, key remapping to perform complex commands. Note that our software supports windows only, not Mac OS at this stage.

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