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Define Default APEX Application

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Recently i manage to have play with Oracle and APEX. I am satisfied with the APEX when we want to build application with its builder. I manage to run Apex App on my server using Nginx as Reverse Proxy. But the default page when i access the root page of http://localhost/ords is not what i wanted. I want default page to be my application.

Here is how to change your root to your desired Apex application. The default page is f?p=4550 and i want to change to my app in example f?p=100

  1. Go to your ords config

go to ords/conf/ords/defaults.xml and add below snippet before </properties>

<entry key="misc.defaultPage">f?p=100</entry>
  1. Restart your apache tomcat server

That’s it. Now your default root page will be redirected to your desired app

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