EPOMAKER AKKO Sakura 87 Keys RGB Wired Mechanical Keyboard with Acrylic Translucent Case, PBT Pudding Keycaps for Gaming/Mac/Win (Gateron Orange Switch, Sakura)

Price: $109.00
(as of Apr 15,2021 20:29:38 UTC – Details)

Product Description

akko sakura jelly, pink keyboard, 87 key keyboardakko sakura jelly, pink keyboard, 87 key keyboard

Sakura Jelly 87Keys TKL Mechanical Keyboard

rgb keyboardrgb keyboard

RGB Wired Keyboard with Translucent Acrylic Case

When you look closely at snow, you’ll see a brilliant array of colors reflected within the glowing white. The same is true of this acrylic TKL keyboard from AKKO team. Inspired by soft sakura jelly, AKKO add a pinkish flavor to the white frosted acrylic case.

Featuring double-layer PBT pudding keycaps with shine-through legends, this board is equipped with a translucent, layered acrylic case that bears an uncanny resemblance to a block of ice. When the board’s per-key RGB LEDs are activated, that ice becomes aurora borealis that shines from every angle. Outfitted with a USB-C connection and fully programmable with driver software, this board is ready to cool down your setup.

What’s Special Feature We’ve Got?

translucent casetranslucent case

programmable chipprogrammable chip

pudding keycapspudding keycaps

Acrylic Case

The keyboard casing is made out of frosted acrylic (Polymeric Methyl Methacrylate by CNC technics), so it let those RGB colours nicely to illuminate the entire case when it’s on. Not too sharp but hazy eye-friendly light for everyday use.

Programmable with Professional AKKO Chip

Built with AKKO custom chip, you can access to macro settings easily. It supports continually update and correct. It should meet most of your needs of programming.

PBT Pudding Keycaps

Sakura Jelly Keyboard feature a translucent dual-layer style PBT pudding keycaps which are designed to provide extra brilliance. These PBT keycaps are thicker, more durable, and more resistant to solvents. The full key set is complementary with translucent acrylic case to fully present RGB backlight effects.

And More?

gateron switchgateron switch


pink keyboardpink keyboard

Custom Gateron Mechanical Switch

The Sakura Jelly is fitted with custom Gateron switches which is known for its durability and stability. Designed in two kinds of switches, Gateron Orange and Gateron Pink Switch, you can find either one for office or game. Orange switch is tactile while pink switch is linear.

Extra Stick-on Kickstand

More than being designed with a ergonomic height, we have included a stick-on kickstand for further upgrade and personalization. Foldable kickstand provides easy storage.

TKL Mechanical Keyboard

The AKKO Sakura Jelly Keyboard is the ultimate combination of mechanical goodness and superior RGB lighting. Apart from its bedazzling aesthetics, the board is also very well built, making it a great mechanical keyboard to type on. From switch to keycaps, you can feel the effort our team has put in.

Actuation Point



Actuation Force



Bottom Out Travel









More Details

Medium level of tactile feedback between Cherry MX Black and Red.switch

Smooth and minimal resistance suitable for long-typing sessions without tiring out your fingers. Great for gaming and typing/

【Brand-new Sakura Theme Keyboard】As pink and pure as the blooming sakura, AKKO newly launched its new series, which is made with a translucent acrylic frame, complemented with a double layer pudding keycaps and lighted up with RGB backlight. Light can light up your life while pink color may enrich it. Simple but bold, AKKO Sakura could be the one you need for your office
【Acrylic Translucent Base Frame】This model comes with a translucent case made with high-quality acrylic material. This form factor could be a good presence for RGB keyboard, lights could shine through the case but not too dazzling since the case is with a well matted texture
【Customized Gateron Switch】Available in two different types of Gateron customized switches, Gateron Pink/Orange switch, you are able to choose any type to best fit your need. Gateron Orange switch feels between Black switch and Red switch, it’s suitable for both gaming and office. While the Pink switch is more Linear feel which is more suitable for typing
【AKKO Programmable Chip】This keyboard is equipped with AKKO chip. It supports full keys macro programming system and software update. You can continuously correct and add new functions to it
【Custom PBT Pudding Keycaps】Even for keycaps, it’s never perfunctory. We strictly select PBT material for keycaps and innovatively choose this double-layer so-called Pudding keycaps to fully present stunning RGB lighting effects. PBT material is dry and not easy to get oily. It feels better than general ABS keycaps

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