EPOMAKER SK64S Hot Swappable Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless/Wired Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlit, PBT Keycaps for Win/Mac/Gaming (Gateron Optical Brown, Grey White)

Price: $83.00
(as of Apr 09,2021 13:56:40 UTC – Details)

Product Description

epomaker, skyloong, mechanical keyboardepomaker, skyloong, mechanical keyboard

SK61, SK61 mechanical keyboardSK61, SK61 mechanical keyboard


Bluetooth hotswappable mechanical keyboard3 layers fully programmable (Fn1+Fn2+Fn3)PBT dye-sublimation keycapsNKRO, 60% layout, 64 keys16.8million RGB backlights, compatible with Mac&Win

With hot-swappable Gateron Optical Switches, make every press feel exactly the way you want it!

hotswappable keyboardhotswappable keyboard

Bluetooth Wireless/Wired Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

The SK64S is now hot-swappable! A rare feature among mechanical keyboards, this means you can easily change out your optical switches for a different type, without any soldering or effort. Want a different typing feel or sound? Simply change out the switches, and you can have a completely different tactile experience! This also extends the lifespan of the keyboard as you can easily switch out the components without throwing out the entire keyboard.

The newsest Bluetoth 5.1 technology ensures fast and stable connection and transmission. No dealy while pressing the keys. It can connect up to 3 decices at most and the onboard memory function will save your settings easily. Feel free to connect to the device next time.

Fully Programmable&16.8 million RGB Backlight

programmable keyboardprogrammable keyboard

You can reprogram any key on the SK64S to make custom macros and add layers for extra function. To further personalize your typing experience, you can expand up to three FN function keys. Your macros and layout mapping will forever revolutionize how you interact with your program softwares and games.

The SK64S features RGB lighting with 16.8 million LED colors, rhythm, and sound lighting combinations, with additional key-programming and macro-creation for three definable layers. With 16.8 million colors in RGB lights, you can download additional lighting effects to the library and easily use them through the lighting effects driver. Simply connect the keyboard using the USB cable to access effects and software updates. Our database is constantly updating with different lighting effects. Enjoy a more immersive and colorful typing and gaming experience.

Gateron Optical Switch-Custom As You Wish!



With the motto of “Personalized Customization”, Skyloong has always focused on research and development for the production of better mechanical keyboards that meet the personalized typing experiences of customers. Being the manufacturer for many of the world’s most famous and reputable mechanical keyboard brands, Skyloong has been praised around the world for its excellence in hardware and software development. Epomaker has teamed up with Skyloong to put together the best portable bluetooth mechanical keyboard, and we could not be more thrilled to have Skyloong’s time-tested skills and expertise for this project. Skyloong will continue to aim to become the greatest international manufacturer of mechanical keyboards and to deliver the best personalized typing experience.


Composed of a team of young gamers, software engineers, and product designers who love tech gadgets, we set out to develop the best products that encapsulate personality, functionality, and affordability. Unsatisfied with the keyboards currently out there, we have created our own ultimate portable, wireless and fully-customizable mechanical keyboard to meet all of your daily needs. Our promise is to deliver a keyboard that meets all of your workflow needs, with a fashionable style, and a budget-friendly value.

Gateron switches are popular around the world for their durability and distinct tactile and sonic characteristics. We offer the Gateron Optical switches, which have a much smoother press than traditional Gateron switches, and have a longer lifespan of 100 million keystrokes.


Switch: Gateron Optical Switch (Blue/Brown/Red /Black Switch) Connection: USB Type-C Material: PBT + ABS Cable: 1.5m USB Cable Size: 295 * 105 * 45mmWeight: 768g Note: The hotswap feature only apply to Gateron optical switches

More Details Are To Be Found!


PBT keycapsPBT keycaps

usb cusb c

USB-C to USB 3.0 Port

The SK64/64S fully compatible with every operating system (OS) from Mac/iOS to Android and Windows, and you can easily switch between the different OS with just the flip of a switch.

Dye-Sublimation PBT Keycaps

We chose to go with a top-grade PBT thermal sublimation keycaps. PBT keycaps are often considered the top choice for keycap materials, even over ABS keycaps, as PBT is much more durable, oil-resistant (won’t get shiny over time like ABS), and stays true to color longer. Our keycaps are also abrasion-resistant, and dust resistant to keep your keyboard lasting longer – even for the daily on-the-go lifestyle.

Independent Arrow Keys&USB-C to USB 3.0 Port

Comapred to SK61S, EOMAKER SK64S has four independent arrow keys for more convenient use. It’s fully compatible with every operating system (OS) from Mac/iOS to Android and Windows, and you can easily switch between the different OS with just the flip of a switch.



16.8 Million RGB Backlit

16.8 Million RGB Backlit

16.8 Million RGB Backlit

16.8 Million RGB Backlit

16.8 Million RGB Backlit

16.8 Million RGB Backlit


Gateron Optical Switch

Gateron Optical Switch

Gateron Optical Switch

Gateron Optical Switch

Gateron Optical Switch

Gateron Optical Switch



61 keys

61 keys

64 keys

64 keys

66 keys

66 keys

60% Layout Hot Swappable Keyboard. As a 60% layout compact mechanical keyboard, the SK64S truly makes advantage of each inch to include four separate arrow keys for ultimate experience. Moreover, equipped with Gateron Optical Switches it not only ensures durability but also it’s hot swappable. Hotswap keyboard allows you to replace it with other optical switches freely without soldering issue. You can fully enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard
IP6X Dustproof Mainboard, PBT Thermal Sublimation Keycaps. The mainboard is designed with IP6X dustproof design. No worries of dust on it. You are totally safe with it. The PBT sublimation keycaps are of high abrasive resistance and oil-proof. This matters because it means the keycaps will last for years, and the print on them won’t fade away. You are fully equipped to crush it both at work and in-game, ergonomics design for long time use without fatigue
Bluetooth 5.1 Wireless/Wired Dual Mode&16 Million RGB Backlight. Designed with wireless/wired mode, SK64S is ideal for many occasions. Built-in large capacity 1900mAh battery ensures long using time. With backlighting that’s implemented with understated functionality for each key in mind, RGB has never been more elegant than on the SK64S. You can also set this kit’s 16 million color LEDs to respond to music in musical rhythm mode, or you can use the included software to create your own custom li
Win+Mac Supported&Type C Interface. Press keys to easily switch between Windows and Mac layout, detailed Windows+Mac layout meets the needs of each user to work efficiently or gaming/working status switching. Type-c interface ensures stable and convenient connection
N-Key Rollover and Anti-ghosting. NKRO is vital for gamers so SK64S is n-key rollover and anti-ghosting. You can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters in different modes. Onboard flash memory unit can storage configurations to the keyboard offline

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