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This is a general outline of how to progress through the story in Genshin Impact. Check out the information below to see how to quickly work your way through the story quests.

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Introduction to Chapter 1 Walkthrough story.jpg
1Choose your main character.
2Follow Paimon to the statue of the Seven. This will be a tutorial for the basic controls.
3Learn to use Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill and beat slime.
4Head to the sign in the heart of the forest.
5Pick up the Crimson Crystal, then continue towards Mundstadt.
6Meet Amber a Knight from Mondstadt.
7Meet Amber, a knight from Mundstadt and have her join your group.
8Evacuate the nearby Heilichurle camp.
9Cross the bridge and enter Mondstadt.
10Head to the prime amber location at the top of town.
11Get an Amber Air Glider. Use it to go down to the fountain where the amber is waiting.
12Fight Stormterror, the dragon you previously encountered.
13Head to the headquarters of the Knight of Favonius.
14Learn about Kaeya, Jan, and Lisa, and some of the characters involved with the Knights of Favonius.
15Encounter with Amber at the Falcon Temple. Enter the temple and break the stone at the top of the temple.
16A meeting with Kaya outside the Wolf Temple. Enter the temple and find the stone at the top and break it.
17Meet Lisa at the Lion Temple. Enter the temple and hit it by destroying the stone at the top.

An Outlander who caught the wind wandered

At the start of the game, you will be prompted to choose between two Traveler twins to choose from. This will only affect the appearance and gender of your main character and will not affect gameplay.

The main character you choose

Long-range amber attack
This chapter is basically a tutorial of the basics of the game and the battle system. You will learn all the basics, like movement and menus, but you will also learn more advanced things like the elemental effects of the combat system.

Gameplay and battle system

Rolling Noel Jasha
After reaching Adventure Rank 5 and talking to Jean at Headquarters, you’ll be able to fulfill wishes (Gacha). If you only perform story missions, you will get this rating the moment you unlock the lock. Try your luck in different types of desires!

Introduction to Chapter Two Walktthrough Story.jpg
1Return to Mundstadt and meet Jane after reaching Adventure Rank 10.
2Go and meet Jean at Knight’s of Farvonius Headquarters.
3After leaving HQ, you’ll need to chase down the green guy you saw talking to Stormterror.
4Head to the big tree behind the statue of the Seven in Windrise to meet Fenty and learn more about Dvalin, Stormterror’s real name.
5Meet Venti in Mundstadt at the cathedral.
6His plan has failed and you will have to try to steal the sacred harp at night (18: 00-06: 00).
7Escape the guards by hiding in the Diluc Bar. Here you will get to know Diluc.
4Leave the bar and come back when it’s closed (0: 00-6: 00).
5Head over to Fatoui’s hideout and go inside Restoration of the sacred harp of Hemel Abbey.
6Go back to Dliuc Inn with Holy Lyre. .
7Head to the Thousand Winds Temple and defeat Ruin Ranger for a teardrop crystal
8Head to the Daduapa Gorge and defeat enemies to open the chest to get another teardrop crystal.
9Go to Ruins in the Woods and continue A hidden tear in the heart of the jungle The field for the final crystallization of the teardrop.
10Head to Dawn Winery and chat with Jean there.
11Head over to the Starsnatch Cliff.

For a tomorrow without wandering tears

Eye of the storm fight
There will be main enemies that you have to defeat in order to complete your objectives. These Boss type enemies will be stronger and stronger than the normal enemies. You’ll want to level up your characters and equipment to have the best chance against bosses.

Story Introduction 3 Story Walkthrough Story.jpg
1Head to Dawn Winery and talk to Diluc.
2Head to the designated area and defeat the Abyss Mage that awaits you there.
3Travel to the area marked as entrance to Stormterror’s Lair’s den.
4Hilichurls defeat this attack.
5Continue to Stormterror’s Lair. Use the wind currents to get to the Devalen Tower.
6Break the seal at the top of the tower.
7Find and break the other three seals scattered across Stormterror’s Lair’s den.
8Go back to the top of the tower.
9Go through the stamp and start Storm horror specialization.
10Beat Stormterror in a sky battle then in a wild battle.
11Talk to some residents of Mundstadt. Talk to Cyrus, Nimrod, and Grace.
12Head to the Good Hunter store. After talking to Kaeya, sit down and have a meal with Amber.
13Go to the cathedral and meet Jean and Fenty there.
14Encounter with Venti on the tree behind the statue of the Seven in Windrise.

Dragon Song and Freedom Walkthrough

Stormterror Battle.jpg
During the wild battle against Stormterror, avoid standing on the glowing platforms. You will receive constant Anemo damage while standing on those platforms. Use wind currents on both sides to move from platform to platform.

Stormterror Strategy Guide

Chapter 1 Story Chapter 1 Walkthrough.  jpg
1Travel to Liyue Port.
2Talk to 3 locals. You will need to speak to Guanhai, Bolai, and Linlang.
3Head over to Yujing Terrace and put the geyser into the two evaporators.
4Join the crowd to see Ningguang.
5Escape from the milliliters. Reach the target without getting caught by avoiding their line of sight.
6He met Child in front of Northland Bank and chatted with him.
7Travel to Jueyun Karst and meet the handymen there.
8Defeat 20 milliliters that have arrived.
9Find the three experts and talk to them.
10After finding all three of the experts above, go back to Liyue Harbor and talk to Childe.

Wandering from the ground amidst compact stones

After meeting Mooncarver, you will have to find and meet the other three experts. The order you meet won’t matter, so you can meet him in any order you like.

Chapter 1 story of the second chapter walkthrough.  jpg
1Wait until the next day for the job to continue, then head over to Liu Port And talk to the bank staff there.
2Find Childe in Liyue and meet Zhongli.
1Go to the southern part of Liyue Harbor and buy Noctilus Jade From the merchant there.
2After receiving samples of Noctilucous Jade, head over to Daduba George To find the giant pot.
3Defeat the helicurole surrounding the bowl and walk to it to use it.
5Go back to Liyue Port and talk to the merchant Shito repeatedly.
6Head to Yujing Terrace Put Noctilus Jade in the exact location.
7Head to the harbor to find a flower dealer and talk to him for a purchase Silk flowers.
8speak with Because In Adventurer’s Guild’s office. Then talk to Qiming, then Ying’er
9Meet Ying’er at the nearby restaurant.
10Bring her the ingredients to make perfumes.
11After getting the perfume, head over to The Seven Statue And talk to Zhongli there.
12meeting with Madame Bing Back at Liyue Port
13Touch her teapot and look up Doorbell cleaning inside.
14Bring the fragrance and the Cleansing Bell to Zhongling in Yujing Terrrace.
15thBuy a kite from Grandma Shan.
16Find and talk to 3 workers who can get materials for a price.
17Talk to Child.
18Travels to Bobo Pharmacy And talk to Qiqi there.
19Find Guizhong Ballista In the designated area along Mt. Tianheng and fix it.
20Defeat the attack Treasure hoarders.
21Go back to the pharmacy and talk to Qiqi again.
22Go back to Yujing Terrace and talk to Zhongli to pose Eternal incense .
23Wait until 18: 00-23: 00 She meets Zhongli at the restaurant.

Goodbye, old lord wandering

Enter through Window.jpg

The supply room is where the parts you will need to fix a locked baillista are. The only way to enter is through the window, which you can find at the top. From the ballista, you can slide to the left window of the supply room to enter inside.

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