Git for Beginner

Git is one tool that is often used in software development projects. Git even become a tool that must be understood by the programmer, because it is widely used everywhere.

On this session we will learn Git from the base. This article will only discuss the introduction of Git. To learn Git more, I’ve provided links at the bottom of the article and I will update it regularly. So, subscribe this article and bookmark it!

What is Git

Git is one system of version control (Version Control System) on a software project that was created by Linus Torvalds. Version control responsible for recording any changes to the project file which is done by many people or alone. Git also known as a distributed revision control (VCS distributed), meaning that the Git’s database storage not only be in one place only.

All the stakeholder involved in the coding of the project will save the database in Git, so it will be easy in managing and verifying projects both online and offline.

In Git, there is a merge to refer to the activities of the merging code.

Meanwhile on the centralized VCS (Version Control System), database is stored in one storage location and any changes are saved in it.

Centralized VCS has some shortcomings:

  • All teams must be connected to the network to access the source-code.
  • Stored in one place, later on, how if the server is in trouble?

Therefore, Git is present to cover that gap where such shortages that are owned by centralized VCS will be eliminated.

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What Git Do

Git will actually monitor all the changes that occur in the project file. Then save it into the database.

What Git actually do compare to subversion

The differences is, when we want to save all the changes on the files, we usually create a new file with “save as”. Then, files will accumulate in the project directory.

But here comes the benefit of using Git. There will only be one file in the project and the changes are stored in the database. Git will only save the delta changes course, he will not save the entire contents of the file will take a lot of memory.

Git allows us to return to a revised version that we want.

Why Git So Important

In addition, Git use to control the version, but Git is also used for collaboration. Currently, Git is one of the mostly used tools in software open source development and closed source. Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many other giant companies using Git.

So, for those of you that have a dream to work there, then you should be able to use Git and become a master of it.

More of it, here are some of the benefits you would know about it after using Git.

  • Can save the entire version of the source code.
  • Can understand how the collaboration works in the project.
  • Can contribute to open-source projects.
  • Safe to use for collaboration, because we can know what changed and who changed it.
  • Can understand how to deploy modern applications.
  • Can create a blog with the SSG (Static Site Generator).
  • and many more…
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What’s Next

So, you have basic knowledge of Git now. Next you will need to hone your Git skill. Please follow the Git tutorial here.

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