GPD P2 Max 8.9 Inches Portable Ultrabook Mini pc Notebook Laptop UMPC Touch Screen Tablet CPU Intel m3-8100Y GPU HD Graphics 615 WIN10 16GB RAM/512GB ROM,Amber Black

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GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

What is GPD P2 Max ?

In 2016, our definition of UMPC was: the screen cannot be larger than 7 inches, and if it is larger than 7 inches, you will not be able to carry it in your pocket, and thus UMPC is best realized in Pocket 2!

For Ultrabook, our definition is: the screen can’t be smaller than 8.9 inches and no larger than 10 inches, and the weight should be limited to 700g. The best user experiences of the GPD P2 Max are: an unrestraint feeling when tapping the keyboard with both hands, being able to carry it and hold it in one hand, and having it fit easily in a mini backpack. It can only be called Ultrabook when these design standards can be met. Of course, the keyboard should adopt the standard “QWERTY” layout, instead of a variety of perverted, anti-human designs. It should have four advantages of being light, thin, fast and small. Too small is not suitable for two-handed input, and if too large, it is reduced to a cumbersome laptop.

GPD P2 Max = GPD Pocket 2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

7.3s for booting the windows 10 os, 1s for brightening screen

GPD P2 Max also supports fingerprint unlock. Enter the system and input pin password, and you can unlock the system by touching the power button easily after several steps’ setup. Boot while supporting fingerprint unlock, and “Boot + enter password” is completed in one step. In shutdown state, it only takes about 7.3s to boot to the system. In dormant or sleep state, it takes only about 1 second to brighten screen and unlock.

Note: boot speed test is conducted by the official technical department under the new system. Actual use time is affected by the user’s process of booting and loading, system setting, operating environment and other factors, and also affected by official BIOS updates, and Microsoft Windows10 system updates.

The 8th generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor

Based on the 8th generation Intel core m3-8100Y processor, wholly-new 14 nm++ process technology, dual-core four-thread design,4 MB l3 cache, OPI bus speed is up to 4 GT/s,and the peak data transmission/second is 4 x10 ^ 9 times.Built-in lntel 9.5th generation UHD Graphics 615 core display, 24 EU execution units, maximum 900MHz dynamic frequency, bandwidth being 33% higher than the previous generation, supporting 10-bit 4K VP9 film decoding, output 4K*2K/60p HD video through HDMI interface.

​Although the body of P2 Max is small, we have never been stingy with the configuration. Not only 16GB memory are provided, but also 512GB SSD is also provided for users. SSD is based on M.2 Socket 3 / Socket 2 interface, 2280 specification, PCIe Gen 3.0 4 / SATA3 bus specification, NVMe 1.3 / AHCI transport protocols, and read-write speed is up to 1665.35MB/s and 1469.94MB/s respectively (standard configuration: PCIe Gen 3.0×4 bus,NVMe protocol SSD).

2560×1600 resolution ratio, retina level screen,Conducting HD video calls in the 1600 x 1200 window

GPD P2 Max USES 2.5k adopts 2.5K fully fitted retina screen, IPS technology, has 100% sRGB gamut coverage and 178 degrees of wide viewing angle, 2560X1600 (WQXGA) resolution ratio,16 :10 productivity ratio, and is the only Ultrabook with a density of 340 ppi pixel.High display density brings ultra-high simulation and rich graphic details so that your retina can not distinguish any pixel.

With original “spindle built-in camera”, 2 million pixels, 1600 x 1200 maximum image resolution, receiving more light, with less noise, and clear picture quality, whether for selfie or video call, it has high quality performance in detail.

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max


Endurance is the strength of GPD P2 Max. With about 9200mAh, 35Wh high-capacity polymer lithium batteries and 600Wh/L energy density, which means the long battery life, it can play local 1080P video for 8 hours continuously, giving you a sense of security from morning till night!

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

GPD P2 MaxGPD P2 Max

Liquid cooling tube + fan, PC cooling scheme, full speed without frequency reduction

Fully upgraded PC cooling solution, using new liquid cooling radiating tube, heat pipe volume increased by 23%, high-power turbofan, air flow significantly improved by 45%, fully releasing CPU performance!

a screen of 8.9-10 Inches and weighing less than 700g are the limits for Ultrabook

If just considering the weight and volume of the plate,even 2in1, which features the concept of “both tablet and PC”, doesn’t have any advantages compared to the criteria we defined.After all, the tablet of Surface Pro 6 already weighs 770g alone,and the overall weight is more than 1,000g if the weight of the keyboard cover is added.So We will launch GPD P2 Max for the purpose of proving a Ultrabook that the weight of it can be controlled below 700g and 8.9 inches is enough for daily usage!

Our GPD P2 MAX Configuration: CPU-Intel Core m3-8100Y,GPU-lntel HD Graphics 615,Up to 900Mhz,RAM/ROM: 16GB LPDDR3/512GB M.2 NVMe SSD;
Fingerprint unlock, Standard “QWERTY” keyboard layout, chocolate island style. Complete touch tablet function, moving cursor, Scroll Area, mouse left-hand and right-hand button mouse supported. Via actual measurement, an adult male feels free and unconstrained when typing with two hands;
8.9 Inches 2.5K fully fitted retina screen,H-IPS 2560×1600 resolution, 340ppi, supporting 10-point touch control and stylus input,has 100% sRGB gamut coverage and 178 degrees of wide viewing angle.
Liquid cooling radiating pipe + fan, PC level cooling solution, with full speed and never reducing frequency,
Only 650g net weight,about 50% lighter than the mainstream Ultrabook.9200mAh,35Wh high-capacity polymer lithium battery.

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