How to Install Anbox on Manjaro

I have been using Manjaro for my daily professional usage or hobbyist. I love it so far. I run latest Manjaro build as shown below.

PU: Quad Core Intel Core i7-7700K (-MT MCP-) speed/min/max: 800/800/4500 MHz Kernel: 5.8.18-1-MANJARO x86_64 Up: 2h 20m 
Mem: 6250.1/15966.3 MiB (39.1%) Storage: 2.50 TiB (76.8% used) Procs: 333 Shell: Bash inxi: 3.1.08 
Neofetch of my Rig

But when it comes to develop Android apps, i didn’t find convenient emulator beside using real device. So i’ve search around and found Anbox would be the best fit. But, some tutorial out there still using kernel 5.6 torun Anbox that kernel is end of support now. I run on kernel 5.8 as shown above. With some this simple guide i know can run Anbox on Manjaro and start debugging using it.

Guide to Install Anbox on Manjaro

Install Using Snap

This guide is so simple. To run Anbox, you have to enable ashmem and binder module. Based on Manjaro forum kernel 5.8 already compile and included in the build. But you need to do these followings.

Check if ashmem and binder module loaded. Run this command and you will get the result below.

sudo ls -1 /dev/{ashmem,binder}
ls: cannot access '/dev/binder': No such file or directory

In my PC i cannot find binder. So it may not loaded properly. We need to create and mount the binder module.

sudo mkdir -p /dev/binder
sudo mount -t binder binder /dev/binder

Check if binder already loaded.

sudo ls -1 /dev/{ashmem,binder}


Binder module now already loaded.

Now, install anbox following the anbox official guide. I assume you already install snapd.

snap install --devmode --beta anbox

After finished, try to run anbox app manager.


Or, type it in Krunner (alt+space bar) “Anbox Application Manager”

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Anbox Application Manager

That’s it, now you can play around with Anbox.

Uninstall Anbox

If you want to remove Anbox from your system you first have to remove the snap:

NOTE: By removing the snap you remove all data you stored within the snap from your system. There is no way to bring it back.

snap remove anbox

Have fun 🙂

Other references:

Manjaro forum

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