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How to Install Electron in Windows

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Electron (previously known as Atom Shell) is an open source framework that been developed and managed by GitHub. Electron enable us to develop GUI desktop application using web technology. These are possible because it combines Chromium rendering engine and Node.js runtime. So with this technology, everyone can make cross platform application using JavaScript, HTML, and also CSS.

I will show you how to install Electron in Windows 10 in this guide.

Step 1. Install Scoop

In our previous guide, we already cover how to install Scoop in Windows 10. Please refer to this guide before next step.

Step 2. Install Node.js

Open command prompt and type following command.

scoop install nodejs
Install Node.js

Verify Node.js installation.

npm --version6.9.0

Step 3. Install Electron

npm install -g electron

Verify Electron installation.

electron --versionv6.0.3

Step 4. Running your first Electron App

# Install git scoop install git# Clone Quick Start projectgit clone Navigate to project foldercd electron-quick-start# Install the dependencies and runnpm installnpm start

Congratulations! You have your first Electron App running in minutes.

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