How To Make You Very First Snack Video for 5 Minutes

SnackVideo is not only a great platform for watching and sharing various types of short videos but also a way to gain your own followers and gain more exposure for your brand. You can also become a creator on SnackVideo by creating and uploading your own videos there to generate a huge fan base. Brands can also do their marketing or spread the words about them by making videos on SnackVideo.

SnackVideo is not only built for fun and making people entertain, but there are also numerous creators who share useful information and tutorials. As a marketer, you should also leverage this platform for your brand’s marketing. SnackVideo can help your business gain some extra reach and followers. In this article, we are going to share how you can start making your own SnackVideo videos easily.

  1. Start Your SnackVideo Account

Once you installed SnackVideo app, you can instantly enjoy watching other people’s videos at home screen but to make your own videos, you need to sign up (or log in if already registered) for your own account. Make sure you update your profile picture and choose an appropriate nickname.

  1. Navigate to “Plus” Sign

In the SnackVideo app, you will see a white “Plus” sign at the bottom of the app’s home screen. It allows you to make your own SnackVideo videos or you can also upload a video from your phone’s gallery. Tap on that “Plus” sign to start beginning your video recording. You have to allow SnackVideo app to access your phone’s camera and recorder to go ahead.

  1. Choose Music
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Now you will find an option to choose music or pick a sound at the top of the screen, tap on that option and the music menu will open. You’ll find various songs in SnackVideo’s library, select and preview a song that you want to insert in your video. There’s also a search option if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

  1. Start Making Video

After selecting a song, tap on “Confirm to use and begin shooting” button. Now press and hold the red video camera circle to start filming your video. SnackVideo allows up to 15 seconds long videos when you shoot within the app, now you can also upload up to 60 seconds long videos from your phone’s gallery. Once finished shooting, tap on the red checkmark button to save the video.

  1. Edit Your Video

Now you can proceed to editing screen where you find various options to edit your video. You can change the song, adjust the volume or cut sound. You can also add special effects, stickers, text and filters to your video. Now tap on “Next” button to add title/caption of video, hashtags, etc details. Choose the privacy setting and then tap on “Post” button to publish your video successfully on SnackVideo.


These are the steps you can follow to create and publish your first SnackVideo video. It’s very easy to make SnackVideo videos and you will get habitual once you start using it. After publishing the video, you will start receiving views, likes, shares and comments on it which help you get some popularity and followers on SnackVideo. By maintaining a regularity, you can promote your brand in a better way on SnackVideo app.

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