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With so many survival shooter titles out there, chances are you’ve already tried Battle Pass. The game that players all over the world know, with more than 500,000,000 downloads on the Gugle Play Store. New to this type of game? We’ve gathered some tips for beginners to help you stay longer on the island. And most importantly, so you can win!

Get an advantage with characters

Get knowledge about each unique character in FF.

Standard / Default Characters

Adam. The first male character to unlock in this game. You can adjust the clothes and leather that you will be wearing yourself.
Eve. The female character is Adam’s partner. They also come with customizable skin and clothing colors.

Buyable Character – Female

Laura: A special agent who has the ability to shoot in high resolution. Give him a weapon with a high recoil, and he’ll still deal a lot of damage. The weapon it uses has to be equipped with a good range for higher accuracy.

Ability: a sniper
Price: 499 diamonds

Paloma: a genius arms dealer. If you have problems managing inventory tools, thanks to Paloma’s ability you can carry grenades and more medical equipment. Augmented reality is Paloma’s best friend.

Ability: Buying and selling weapons
Price: 499 diamonds

Moco: Like hackers? Movo is someone who is rarely caught in a security system and has Hacker’s Eye capabilities. Moco can locate opponent’s position and unlock it for team members.

Ability: Eye of a Pirate
Price: 499 diamonds

A124. It is a sophisticated robot with artificial intelligence and human DNA. As a super weapon, the A124 has a very large capacity, which is changing the EP to HP so quickly that it makes itself very suitable for teams on the front lines of battle.

Ability: Battle of Passion
Price: 499 diamonds

Caroline. Thanks to her speed and agility, Caroline is very popular with gun lovers. Award him a SG and he will get the speed bonus and he will bring destruction to your opponents.

Capabilities: super agile
Price: 499 diamonds

Kelly. Referred to as an expert runner thanks to his exceptional athletic abilities especially in running, which makes him an advantage in finding loot and sprinting to the safest spots he and Caroline are good friends.

Capabilities: Running
Price: 399 Diamonds / 2000 Coins

Misha. Misha is known as the Queen of Racers, and she is a very well known driver. He mastered the ability to drive all vehicles at high speed. This is what makes Misha a character every band should own.

Capability: acceleration
Price: 499 Diamonds / 8000 Coins

Nikita. Olympic champion and professional bodyguard. It can fill SMG ammo with faster power up to 24% and is very effective in fierce battles, so it can lead to victory.

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Capabilities: weapons specialist
Price: 499 Diamonds / 2,500 Coins

Notura. The ability to heal quickly is Notora’s ability. As a support, it is a reliable healer and can also recover in compounds. Not only is he good at driving cars, he is also good at riding motorcycles.

Ability: Heal
Price: 499 diamonds

Olivia. As a skilled nurse, Olivia is able to awaken others, especially duos and teams. As a support, the Awakened Allies would be packed with an additional 6 to 40 hp.

Ability: Touch Healing
Price: 399 Diamonds / 2000 Coins

Shani. A scrap mechanic, Shane is someone who is extremely helpful in fixing things – including helmets and bulletproof shields that have reduced their lifespan. He will gain durability after successfully killing the opponent.

Ability: Reuse of armor
Price: 499 diamonds

Steffi. This graffiti artist is indifferent and stubborn, has the ability to reduce opponent damage, from shooting to blast. He may not look great, but he has a strong survivor spirit.

Capacity: ink shelter
Price: 499 diamonds

Kapella: Take out K-POP! As a support, Kapella used the Healing Song’s ability to heal tools by 20% and also reduced the HP lost when killed.

Ability: A Healing Song
Price: 300 diamonds

Buyable Character – Male

and you. As a former cop, Andrew is very suitable for use with the armored jacket, which increases its durability to reduce damage. Additional protection is the main card.

Ability: Specialist jacket
Price: Free as a login bonus

Wisdom – an old saying. Tech enthusiast and foodie, Maxim’s capabilities allow him to eat mushrooms and maximize the functionality of medical equipment 12% (max) faster than other people. Food is everything.

Ability: gluttony
Price: 499 Diamonds / 8000 Coins

Alvaro. Anyone think that destruction can become an art form? The Alvaro’s special ability is to increase range and damage through explosions caused by landmines, grenades, and rocket launchers.

Ability: The Art of Destruction
Price: 499 diamonds

Alok. As a famous DJ, Alok brings a sense of emotion to every moment of the battle. His intelligent abilities create an aura that can add rewards to life and speed for him and his team.

Ability: dropping rhythm
Price: 599 diamonds

stronghold. The person who looks like Will Smith is a sailor. His ability, called Iron Will, can reduce damage by 24% outside of the safe zone. This ability is very useful for single-player games and at the beginning of the game.

Capabilities: Iron Will
Price: 399 Diamonds / 2000 Coins

Both. Don’t worry if your performance drops or is even worse if he’s unarmed. As the Master of Muay Thai, 1st Attack Power can provide both additional damage up to 400%. But you still need weapons.

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Ability: Muay Thai
Price: 499 Diamonds / 8000 Coins

Raphael. Can we agree that its “stealth kills” capabilities? This cold-blooded killer will use his ability to conceal his shot so it is not visible on the map.

Ability: silent dead
Price: 499 diamonds

Miguel. As an agent in a special unit, Miguel has an ability called “Crazy Slayer” that gives him extra protection for every enemy killed.

Abilities: Crazy Killer
Price: 499 diamonds

Hayato. For this legendary samurai, nothing is stronger than the Bushido style. This ability to damage is in line with the amount of HP he has when critical, and he will get more and more ferocious.

Ability: Bushido
Price: 499 diamonds

Joseph. Maher Joseph, a former recruiter in the special unit, can speed up after suffering damage. Rely on him when he needs a hero at the end of the game.

Ability: nut movement
Price: 499 diamonds

Jota. Parkour and combat expert, Jota is a sniper who has the ability to heal himself as much as 40 HP when he kills his opponent with a SMG or SMG.

Capabilities: continuous raids
Price: 499 diamonds

Antonio. A character who has been a gangster for a long time, the ability of Antonio is an extra life at the start of the game. This makes it very useful for loot even when receiving attacks from opponents.

Ability: Gangster Soul
Price: 499 Diamonds / 8000 Coins

Wukong. Need tips for survival? Transform yourself into a bush to avoid the enemies and surprise the enemies. The Monkey King’s ability to disguise is a big help in his adventures.

Ability: camouflage
Price: 499 Diamonds / 8000 Coins

Wolfrrah: He’ll be in high demand when it comes to the upcoming OB22 update. Wolfrrah prides itself on his ability, specifically Spotlight where he can reduce enemy head attacks and increase damage to enemy arms and legs.

Create a strategy for where you land

This game should not be a very difficult map. As you wait to set off with your 49 enemies, think calmly where you will land. This is a very important factor in the early stages of the game and has a massive effect on the number of opponents you will encounter, and your chances of getting better loot or getting a hit in the head. Want to avoid your enemies? Go to the empty area. Want to get more loot? Go to the building first.

Use the mini map to help you

The small map brings a lot of help when you are in the game, be sure to find this one. It will be very useful to see if there are enemies coming (see red arrow). Plus it shows which direction your enemy is calling. Think of it as a guiding assistant to go ahead or hide.

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Know your weapons

In this game, you’ll never run out of options to pull the trigger on your weapon. Just choose from 9 sets of weapons you want, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Among them are SMG’s (Sub-Machine Guns), LMG’s (Light Machine Guns), AR (Assault Rifles), SG (Shotguns), SR (Sniper Rifles), pistols, launchers, bows, crossbows and melee.

As the game progresses, new weapons and features will be added. Learn more about this information on our blog, as this information will inform you what each weapon can use under current conditions.

The cause of vision turns red

Always pay attention when your vision turns red, as this is a sign that your opponent is in front of you. When you shoot your enemy, he will hit your enemy with your attack (whether in shooting or normal mode) and the reticle is your best friend on the battlefield. The features that can be played in this game can change when you encounter an opponent in your eyes. Just call an instant spy.

Use a vehicle to move faster

If you have the opportunity to use a vehicle on the battlefield, continue to accelerate until you reach the location you want to go or in the middle of the escape – the driver is protected. The list of vehicles available includes motorcycles, pickups and Monster trucks.

Not just a means of transportation, vehicles also act as weapons for striking and killing opponents. However, you can avoid vehicle attacks by hiding behind existing buildings or locations. You can also throw the Gloo Wall for temporary protection. When all else fails, try to shoot the driver with your weapon.

Avoid exposure to lead

Survival> Archery. It’s not a bad thing if you don’t shoot your opponent right away and opt for dribbling instead. It’s best to prepare for what’s coming, so it’s best to keep looting things by navigating the hideout. Use vehicles like trucks and motorcycles to escape to a safer place so you have a higher chance of winning.

There are a lot of other things you can learn from this game and that is part of the fun. Practice your skills and play as many classic games as possible. Don’t run away in a fight too often. Be manly and fight your enemies, always sharpen your war skills, friends.

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