How to remove white line or gaps between objects in Inkscape

Ever frustated using Inkscape when you snap together between two objects? Or when you design tiled pattern or background, some white lines appear that make you stressful. There are white lines between them if you zoom in or export it as image file. This happens not only in inkscape, also in other software like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Image rendering before Stitch filter applied

There are several workaround. Either you can manually overlap or stretch other object 1 or 2 pixel behind, you can also apply this great filter from ivan loutte. He creates amazing filter for inkscape user and i am happy now 🙂

Image rendering after Stitch filter applied

You can check this thread in inkscape forum:

After you get the file (stitch.svg) from above thread, install it following:


Note: filters folder i created manually.
and then restart Inkscape to have the new personal filter loaded.

You can access the new filter from the inkscape menu: Filters > ABCs > Stitch together, applied that filter to selected object.

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