IETS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switches,Punk Retro keycaps,87 Keys Mechanical Computer Keyboard with USB Wired,Water Resistant, Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Windows PC Gamers

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Product Description



IETS 87 keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for Windows PC Gamers

Five main features:

Blue Switches–Blue Switches can be removed and replaced

Punk Retro keycaps–Silver plating edge

Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard–Adjustable lighting

USB Wired

Water Resistant

Product performance




Rainbow led backlight

■ 9 backlight modes can be adjusted by pressing FN+INS.

The first 7 lighting modes are the basic backlight modes. The last 2 lighting modes are gaming backlight modes.

Gaming mode 1: The light button is displayed as: Esc, A, S, D, W, arrow keys.

Gaming mode 2: Light button is displayed as follows: A, S, D, W, Q, E, R, G, B, F1-F3, 1-5, Tab, Shift-L, Ctrl -L, Alt-L, Space, Home, End, Pgup, Pgdn, PrtScreen, Scrlk [Light brightness cannot be adjusted in gaming lighting mode]

■Light brightness control: FN+[↓] darkens, FN+[↑] brightens.

■ Adjust the backlight change speed: FN + [-] slows down, FN + [+] fast.

FN shortcut key

■ FN + F1: my computer, ■ FN + F2: search,

■FN + F3: Calculator, ■FN + F4: Player,

■ FN + F5: previous track, ■ FN + F6: next track,

■ FN + F7: Play/Pause, ■ FN + F8: Stop,

■ FN + F9: Mute, ■ FN + F10: Volume-,

■ FN + F11: Volume +.

Replaceable Blue Switches

■Adopt blue Switches (The adopted blue Switches is an Outemu key switch made in China. It is compatible with Cherry blue Switches, and the effect of Cherry blue Switches is the same.)

■Blue Switches: Tactile type with a clear clicking sensation at the contact points and a high clicking sound. Excellent keystroke feeling and keystroke sound.

■ The blue Switches type is a typical mechanical switch, and it has a strong switch feeling, and you can enjoy a light keystroke and a crisp, crisp sound. Best for typing long sentences.

■ The blue Switches is not soldered to the PCB, so the user can easily remove and replace it.




Waterproof design

■Three drainage holes are installed on the back of the keyboard, and you can usually wash away dust with water.

■ Designed to withstand liquid, dust and dirt, it can be used for a long time without worrying about games or work. It is equipped with a waterproof function.

■Note: In principle, it is prohibited to put the keyboard in water.

Ergonomic design

■ The size of this keyboard is 350mmx135mmx20mm.

■The 87 key compact design saves a lot of space on your desk. Its small size makes it easy to control.

■The keycap that combines a punk retro keycap with a vintage typewriter and modern features is the perfect amalgam of the past, present and future that combines retro aesthetics with modern cutting edge features.

Product specifications

■ Color: Black

■ Number of keys: 87 keys

■ Connection: Wired USB

■ Switch type: Blue Switches

■Spring pressure: 50±15g

■Keystroke: 2.2±0.6mm

■USB cable head: 1.5m

■Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows VISTA versions are supported.


Package contents

■ 1 x Gaming keyboard

■ 1 x User Manual

■ 1 x Keycap puller

■1 x Switch puller

■5 x Spare blue Switches

■With keycap removal tool, it is easy to remove the keycap, and you can easily clean and replace the keyboard.

■The Blue Switches can be easily removed and replaced with a switch puller.

❤ 【Round Retro Style Keyboard for Typewriter 】Unique round key cap with a floating-key design in profile bring you a nostalgic feeling with the eye-catching retro aesthetic.
❤ 【Blue Switches】Custom mechanical switches designed for longevity, responsiveness, and durability. Mechanical keys with medium resistance, audible click sound, and tactile feedback. Include 5 spare switches for replacement in case some switches do not work.
❤ 【Cool Rainbow LED Backlight】By pressing FN + INS, this keyboard has 7 light modes and 2 gaming backlight modes that you can freely adjust. In the world of the game, beautiful lights are shining at the same time as having fun. You can accurately confirm the key position even in dark places, committing to battle and leading to victory. The brightness of the backlight and color conversion can be adjusted according to personal preference.
❤ 【Ergonomic Desigend PC Gaming Keyboard】The steel series mechanical game keyboards features a Compact Ergonomic Design and a High-Quality Durable Metal-ABS Construction with Plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches that stand up even during the most testing marathon gaming sessions like league of legends, steam, Fortnite, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty and other FPS Games.
❤ 【Anti-ghosting 87 Keys, N-key rollover】 Allowing multi-keys to work simultaneously with high speed. Each key is controlled by independent switch, let you enjoy high-grade games with fast response.

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