JAMSWALL Joy Pad Controller for Nintendo Switch, Replacement Switch Controller Joycon Support Turbo/6-Axis Gyro/Dual Shock

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Product Description


JAMSWALL Joycon controller is designed for Nintendo Switch/Lite as an alternative controller to the Joy-Con controller!

Compatible with Switch console and supports wireless and wired connections. It can be used as an entire controller also can be used as 2 independent controllers.No need to install any driver, it can be used once connected to Switch console.One-key connecting method for ease of handling. Built-in with 500mA lithium battery, it can be continuously used for about 10 hours after fully charged. It supports motion sensing function via built-in Gyro in each controller.It supports vibration function via a built-in motor in each controller.It supports the capture gameplay screenshot.Multiplayer games can be played by connecting more wireless controllers simultaneously to a Switch console.Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable even for long hours of continuous gaming.It can be upgraded by update software through USB cable connecting to PC.




3 Modes In 1

Supports 3 modes: TV mode/Handheld mode/Tabletop mode. In TV mode, you can install the Joy cons on both sides of the grip provided in the package, act as a Switch controller joy con; In handheld mode, you can attach Joycon joypad to the switch console; In tabletop mode, you can use Joycons independently and share the fun with your friends and family.

Design for Switch/Switch Lite Console

This pair of the wireless pro game controller is compatible with Nintendo Switch as a replacement for Joy-Cons, can be used through wired and Bluetooth, no need to install any driver. These incredible Gamepads offers an awesome way for players to have super gaming fun.

Multi-function support

Each gamepad has a set of buttons, each joypad controller supports dual vibration and built-in gyroscope, accurate positioning, suitable for various racing shooting and running competitions, and compatible with all switch systems. The unique card slot design and portable size make your travel more convenient.




Wireless Bluetooth connection

Using Bluetooth wireless chip technology, high-speed signal transmission is stable without delay, getting rid of the distance limitation of the wired controller, making the game free and smooth.

Dual Motors

With the built-in enhanced dual motors, vividly felt feedback of each hit, crash and explosion, bring immersive game feelings.

Ergonomic Design

With the ergonomic design and the unique frame provided in the package, it makes the Nintendo Switch controller joy con very comfortable to hold for hours and hands won’t get hurt. Especially fits for large hands.


How to Pair the Joy Con Controller with Nintendo Switch in Wireless Way?

Step 1: Please enable the Bluetooth for your game console.

Step 2: Please enter Switch “Change Grip/Order”mode.

Step 3: Please press and hold the SYNC button on the Left or Right controller for about 3 seconds or more. The LED light on the controller will flash as a running light. Once paired, the LED light on the controller will keep solid bright.

Step 4: Then please pair the other controller based on Step 3. Once done, this Left controller and Right controller will work as an entire controller like Switch Pro controller.

Note: If you want Left controller or Right controller work as an independent controller, please press the SL+SR button simultaneously on each controller when it has been paired with Switch console. This action should be achieved in “Change Grip/order”menu.

JAMSWALL Joy-Con Controller Use Tips


If you find that the controller starts to vibrate when you connect the controller to the game console, remove the controller, and then connect it to the game console again.


If the nintendo switch controller is found to be unable to pair with the switch wirelessly. Please reset the controller first, then go to “Settings”-“Controller and Sensors”-“Disconnect Controller” to clear the historical connection of the Switch, and then restart the game console. Then, please refer to the above steps to pair L/R controller with a switch.


If you find that the wireless controller is drifting or there is a problem with the joystick, please reset the controller first, and then refer to the user manual to solve the problem.


Built-in motors are none HD motors, vibration experiences might be different in some games.Games which need camera function and HD motor vibration function can’t be played normally, such as Baby, Ball Count, Eating Contest, etc.

[Replacement for N-Switch Joy-Con] Jamswall Joy-Con Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite. Ideal replacement for Switch Joy-Con; same layout as the original Joy-Con. Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone switch controller. The Joy-Con controller can install on the grip stand as a switch controller or attach to console for use in handheld mode, and also can use independently in each hand,be shared with friends to enjoy 2 player games.
[Support Wired & Wireless Connection] Simple bay design secures your switch controller and is easy to install and remove. Support cable connection & Bluetooth Connection. Slide the controller onto the switch console, and this controller will automatically connect to the console. With strong interference suppression capability and stable signal. If the controller is not powered, the Joy-Con controller is charged from the console when the console is wired.
[Double Shock & Motion Control Function] JAMSWALL Switch Joy-con Pro controller supports the Gyro-axis and dual motors vibration functions. Equipped with the latest motion-sensing technology and the latest vibration to provide a great sense of control. Make your experience smoother and wonderful gaming time. (Note: No NFC and awake-up function)
[Built Rechargeable Battery] This wireless controller for nintendo switch built in 500 mAh rechargeable battery, the playing time can last up to 10 hours, the full charging time is 2-3 hours. Adequate power supply. So you do n’t need to worry about sudden power outages during the game.
[Ergonomic design] Award-winning compact ergonomics and more streamlined design match the player’s hand for maximum comfort, ensuring that you can be totally comfortable to play for hours in the game while reducing the chance of controller has been destroyed making your controller more durable. You can now play for hours without your hands hurting. Especially fits for large hands.

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