Laragon, the best alternate solution for XAMPP in Windows

Some developers who use Windows would have been quite familiar with XAMPP.

XAMPP is the application of choice for the needs of the PHP web development on your local computer. To use regular PHP development, XAMPP already qualified

However, XAMPP is less flexible for the framework that require PHP version-specific, installing certain extensions, or requires other configuration that need to be customized.

If you’re tired of being played by XAMPP to support web development on your local computer, try to install Laragon.

What Do You Know about Laragon

Laragon Powerful Local Development Tool

Laragon is a complete development environment for PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, Go, Ruby, portable, isolated, fast, lightweight as its core only 2 MB and only use less than 4 MB when in service, and easy to expand. Laragon can be used as a replacement for XAMPP.

What is Offered By Laragon

  • Pretty URLs
    By using Laragon we can access the project through the app.test rather than using localhost/app.
  • Mobile and easy to move to other location
    Folder Laragon can be moved-moved without the need of damaging the system.
  • Isolation
    Laragon environment is isolated from the operating system that we have so whatever we do with Laragon will not affect the local computer.
  • Easy Operation
    Laragon already automates many complex configuration things so that we “stay put” in course. We can add new version of PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, Go, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or other without difficulty and without damaging the existing system.
  • Advanced & Hefty
    Laragon have modern architecture which is suitable for developing modern web applications. We can use Apache & Nginx at the same time.
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How to Install Laragon

Laragon is available for free alias gratis. We can download the file from its installer on the Download page. All packages Laragon, whether it is PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Python, Java, et al. can be installed on one or all at once.

For complete installation guide and how to use it please follow on

You can choose which Laragon edition to be installed.

Following some installation wizard to setup Laragon in our computer.

Laragon Setup
Select Laragon Destination Installation Location

Follow the installation wizard until it is done.

Start all the services

After that, you need to start all the services to quickly use its features.

Laragon also has nice build in Terminal. I am very keen of it.

Laragon Built In Terminal

Please be aware that Laragon is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system.

That’s all, i will be happy to share another Laragon Tips and Trick in another session.


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