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Latest redemption code for Free Fire (FF) today March 2, 2021

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Free Fire or FF is one of the popular battle royale games for mobile platforms. Garena as the developer always brings very interesting events and benefits players of course. With an event or donation, it is possible for all players to benefit. One of them is the latest FF redemption code which has many attractive prizes.

2021 Free Fire Redeem code is 12 characters long code. Later, you can enter the code in each account. So you can get very attractive prizes.Is this FF gift code safe?

Of course, we share an FF redemption code with you the official way Garena shares directly.

As per our promise, this time as quoted from will provide a set of redemption codes to get various rewards from Free Fire game. Apart from that, you will also get other perks like characters, diamonds, and many other items.

What do I get Free Fire redemption codes?

Let’s just say this free Free Fire redemption code is a coupon for taking a prize. So later you will get different kinds of attractive prizes, one of which is Ancient Mask, which is a very rare item because this item only appears in limited events, to be exact at the Christmas 2018 event.

At the time, there might not be as many Free Fire players as there are now. So you can say that only a few have these. Now this redemption code is a golden opportunity for you to get rare items in Free Fire game.

Terms and Conditions of Free Fire Redemption Code

Retrieving the pf code

Before redeeming your free FF redemption code for various attractive prizes such as skins, items, and packs. Read the terms and conditions that apply first so you don’t get it wrong. Here are the details.

terms and conditions:

  1. Code Redeem consists of 12 unique characters, and a combination of uppercase and numbers.
  2. Item rewards will appear in the game, and gold and diamonds will be added automatically.
  3. Remember the expiration date of the redemption code. Expired code cannot be used.
  4. Please contact Garena Customer Service if you have any issues.
  5. Remember: You cannot redeem gifts with a guest account. Please link the account to Facebook or VK to receive prizes.

How to redeem Free Fire (FF) redemption codes

Redeeming prizes code is very easy to redeem, just follow a few steps because the developer doesn’t want to make it difficult to exchange Free Fire prizes. like what? Here below I have put together the steps.

  1. The redemption code can be exchanged directly through the official Garena Free Fire website, ie
  2. After that, please log in to the Free Fire account which has been linked with Facebook or VK.
  3. Enter the most recent redemption code for Free Fire (FF) in the “Redeem your code” section and select “Confirm”.
  4. Once successful, the item’s gift will be sent directly [In-game Mail]

Latest redemption code for Free Fire (FF) in 2021

The most recent FF redemption code is on March 2, 2021


Latest FF redemption code 1 March 2021

  • FFMLJI92271E
  • FF4MHP21NS32
  • FFMLBJ81LP23

This is a set of free redemption codes for Free Fire (FF) in 2021 which we have been able to get from various sources. Redeem the code for a variety of interesting gifts, and also check the expiration date.

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