Little Friends: Dogs & Cats – Nintendo Switch

Price: $49.99 - $29.99
(as of Jan 20,2023 12:10:06 UTC – Details)

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a life simulation game for the Nintendo Switch. It allows players to take care of their own virtual pet, from feeding and grooming to teaching it tricks and playing mini-games. With a wide range of breeds to choose from, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a great way to experience the joys of pet ownership without the mess and responsibility of a real pet.


1. Variety of Breeds: With over 40 breeds of cats and dogs to choose from, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats has something for everyone. From fluffy Samoyeds to scruffy Shih Tzus, there’s a pet for every player.

2. Customization: Players can customize their pet’s look with a variety of accessories and clothing items. This allows players to make their pet unique and express their own style.

3. Mini-Games: Players can play a variety of mini-games with their pet, from fetch to tug-of-war. These games are a great way to keep your pet entertained and increase their bond with you.

4. Training: Players can teach their pet tricks and commands, such as sit, stay, and come. This allows players to give their pet a sense of purpose and make them feel like a valued member of the family.

5. Realistic Care: Little Friends: Dogs & Cats allows players to take care of their pet in a realistic way. This includes feeding, grooming, and playing with your pet. This helps to give the game a sense of realism and allows players to feel like they are really taking care of a pet.

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Overall, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats is a great game for pet lovers of all ages. With a variety of breeds, customization options, mini-games, and realistic care, this game offers a unique and enjoyable pet ownership experience.