Lomi-Luskr 308i Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard, Compact 84 Keys, Tablet Keyboard, Portable Mini Keyboard, Compatible with iOS/Android/Windows (Pink)

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(as of Jul 02,2021 00:06:44 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Ajazz 308iAjazz 308i

bluetooth keyboardbluetooth keyboard

Retro typewriter elementsRetro typewriter elements

Mainstream equipment-seamless connectionMainstream equipment-seamless connection

Broadcom-Bluetooth SolutionBroadcom-Bluetooth Solution

Retro typewriter elements

Classic and trend combination.

Mainstream equipment-seamless connection

You can switch between ios/android/Mac/Windows operating system compatibility modes.You can use various shortcut functions.

Broadcom-Bluetooth Solution

Mature and stable Bluetooth 3.0 solution, fast connection, sensitive response and stable signal. When using for the first time, please use FN+C pairing (red light flashes slowly).

84 keys-compact layout84 keys-compact layout

84 keys84 keys

Smart power saving technologySmart power saving technology

Frosted touch-more comfortable

The arc of the keycap is recessed to relieve finger fatigue during long-term use and enjoy the entire use process.

Use key noise reduction technology to greatly reduce key hitting sound.

84 keys-compact layout

Simplified 84-key layout, with commonly used keys, and retains the the arrow keys.

Smart power saving technology

The keyboard has auto sleep function after 15 minutes of no operation, and Bluetooth function turn off.

Double-click any button to wake up and automatically reconnect.

Multimedia function keysMultimedia function keys

Multimedia function keys combination




F4=Input method


F6=Previous Track


F8=Next Track


F10=Volume –

F11=Volume +

F12=Lock Screen

Fn+E=Switch to iOS

Fn+Q=Switch to Android

Default Windows: Need to work with “Fn” Key

How to connect Bluetooth

Hold down the “Fn+C” key for 2 seconds, the battery indicator is always on and flashing.

Turn on the computer and other devices to search using the Bluetooth function.

When the device listing is displayed to find the “Ajazz Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard”.

Click pair and connect. Wait for the connection success indicator to stop flashing.

Switch according to the system version of the device.

Press Fn+Q/W/E (Android/Windows/iOS system choose one of them) and press for 1 second.


1.Replace the battery if there is any key failure or jam during use.

2.Please disconnect the existing Bluetooth connection before connecting the new device.

3.If you cannot connect to the device you have previously connected, click the exclamation mark(iOS)/ gear icon(Android) behind “Ajazz Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard” in the Bluetooth device list, select “Forget This Device”(iOS)/ “UNPAIR”(Android). Then press Fn+C to reconnect again.

4.The keyboard has auto sleep function after 15 minutes of no operation, and Bluetooth function turn off. When the product is reconnected in the second time, due to the receiver and driver, there will be a certain delay, which is normal.

5.Please update your computer’s Bluetooth driver to the latest version and turn off the “allow to turn off this device to save power” option.

6.Capslock indicator: Capital (Red light on) / Lowercase (Red light off)

7.Battery indicator: Low battery indicator (Red light flash fast) / Matching indicator (Red light flash slowly)

【Fashion & Whisper Quiet Design】Typewriter wireless keyboard that combine retro style with modern design, adopting smooth edge technology and fresh color brighten up your device and your dest; Compact mini keyboard with low profile whisper-quiet keys for a comfortable and smooth typing experience.
【Portable 84-Key Keyboard】The unique layout design on the premise of ensuring complete functionality, to minimize the size to 12.5 x 5.39 x 1.37 inches, saving desktop space and easier to carry than a full-size keyboard. 13 Easy-to-reach function hot keys FN+ provides a shortcut to your music player, volume+/- ,lock and search etc.
【Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Keyboard】Bluetooth 3.0 technology provides a stable and interference-free connection with a working distance of 10m. Just press FN+C to turn on BT (the red light flashes), and the keyboard will adjust its layout to automatically match each device, regardless of its keyboard is iOS, Windows and Android.
【Smart Power-Saving Mode】Bluetooth typewriter keyboard automatically enters the power-saving mode after 10 minutes. Click any key to wake up in a few seconds. Runs on two AAA batteries. The low battery indicator is displayed in the upper right corner, and the battery indicator will remind you to replace the battery.
【Durable & Wide Compatibility】Cute round keycaps is comfortable, with a total operation stroke of 2.5 ± 0.3mm and the click up to 10 million. Universal compatibility system suitable for Windows, IOS, Smart TVs, Laptops, PC, Android mobile phones with Bluetooth function. (Note: Apple’s latest system iPad can not be used normally! Make sure your device is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0)

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