NACODEX 84 Key Cute Bluetooth Keyboard, Portable Thin Wireless Keyboard with Round Keycap/Kawaii Cat Ears Design, Aesthetic Keyboard Compatible with Android Windows iOS (Pink)

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Product Description

colorful keyboardcolorful keyboard

Colorful Bluetooth Keyboard

The latest design in 2022, cat ear bluetooth keyboard you will be deeply attracted by its cute cat paws, cat ears, cat whiskers, and also add beautiful colors to your desktop.3060i cat ear Bluetooth keyboard with portable 84 key layout, which is fashionable, compact, space-saving and easy to carry.Colorful kawaii keyboard is suitable for smart TVs, laptops, desktops, iPad, MacBook etc. with Bluetooth function.Bluetooth keyboard for ipad has a built-in American Broadcom BCM20730 Bluetooth chip for stable transmission.Cute bluetooth keyboard with friendly power saving mode, no key operation for more than 10 minutes, bluetooth disconnection, standby and sleep, any key to wake up.Wireless thin keyboard provides comfortable key height, and the total operating stroke is 2.5±0.3mm, more than 8 million keystrokes tested, greatly improving durability.

pink wireless keyboardpink wireless keyboard

Bluetooth keyboard for ipadBluetooth keyboard for ipad

retro keyboardretro keyboard

quiet keyboardquiet keyboard

Smooth Typing Experience

The round buttons design based on the research and development by the size of the contact area between fingers and keycaps, which provide a more comfortable typing experience, and can reduce the wrong input effectively and make the “press” softer and quicker.

Noise Reduction Design

Quiet thin keyboard adopts key noise reduction technology, which greatly reduces the click of the keys. Even if you type at night or in the library, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others, providing a comfortable & keystroke typing experience.

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Portable 84 Key Layout

Mini cute keyboard is standard QWERTY keyboard layout, which maintains the conditionality and is more convenient to use. 84-key ultra-thin design makes it more portable and takes up less space than a full-size keyboard.

pink wireless keyboardpink wireless keyboard

pink colorful keyboardpink colorful keyboard

small wireless keyboardsmall wireless keyboard

Comfortable Ergonomic Height

Cylindrical foot pads are added at the bottom of the ergonomic keyboard, make your typing at a more comfortable typing height, reduce wrist pain caused by long-term typing,it is the perfect choice for your daily typing.

Automatic Sleep Mode

Wireless pink keyboard requires 2 AAA batteries, if there is no key operation for more than 10 minutes, it will automatically enter the sleep mode. Click any key to wake up directly, realize energy saving.

Compatible With Windows/iOS/Android

Pink wireless bluetooth keyboard works with all kinds of bluetooth-enabled devices like Windows, Android, Smart TVs and Tablets, as well as Mac and IOS devices like iPhone, iPad or Macbook.

Portable Mini Size to Carry

pink keyboardpink keyboard

Note When Using 3060i Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard!!!

If there is a problem of button failure or stuck during use, please replace the battery;The keyboard has an intelligent power-saving mode. If you do not operate the keys for 10 minutes, the Bluetooth will be automatically turned off. It is normal that there will be different delays due to problems with the Bluetooth receiver or driver during the reconnection process;When using a Bluetooth product, please update the computer’s Bluetooth driver to the latest version, and turn off the option of “Allow this device to be turned off”;The 3060i Bluetooth keyboard is a membrane keyboard, not a mechanical keyboard, but there are 26 keys anti-ghosting;If you have any problems with the keyboard, please don’t hesitate to let us replace the new keyboard for you.

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wireless Bluetooth keyboardwireless Bluetooth keyboard

1. Open the battery cover behind the keyboard and install the battery;

(Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery)

2. The power red indicator light on the upper right of the keyboard is always on for 5 seconds and then goes out. At this time, the keyboard self-test is completed, and the keyboard Bluetooth function is automatically turned on;

(Note: The bluetooth keyboard does not need any key combination when powered on)

3. Turn on the Bluetooth device, enter the Bluetooth search interface, press and hold the FN+BT1/BT2/BT3 key combination for three seconds, search for the device name “AJAZZ 3060i Keyboard” and connect to use.

(Note: Short press FN+BT1/BT2/BT3 for channel switching, long press for three seconds for code pairing)

2.4G Wireless 2.4G Wireless Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth

PC and Laptop PC and Laptop iPad, Smart Phones, PC and Laptop iPad, Smart Phones, PC and Laptop iPad, Smart Phones, PC and Laptop iPad, Smart Phones, PC and Laptop

1 “AA” / 2 “AAA” (Excluded) 1 “AA” / 2 “AAA” (Excluded) 2 “AAA” (Excluded) 2 “AAA” (Excluded) 2 “AAA” (Excluded) 2 “AAA” (Excluded)

Smart Power Saving

Keyboard Layout
Compact 84 Compact 84 Compact 84 Compact 84 Compact 84 Compact 84

【Compact Silent Keyboard】84 key aesthetic keyboard uses button noise reduction technology to greatly reduce the key click sound. It can provide quiet and comfortable typing experience; compact layout and weight of only 450g/16Oz, easy to carry on business trips, travel or school; the operation is very simple and you can enter the Bluetooth mode without any keys.
【Smart Power-Saving Design】Purple wireless keyboard adopts energy saving technology, if there is no button operation for more than 10 minutes, the keyboard will automatically goes to sleep, and Bluetooth is disconnected to save power, you don’t worry about power consumption, one charge lasts for a week (8 hours a day without interruption)
【Easy Wireless Connection】3060i Bluetooth keyboard can provide up to 10m fast & interference free connection, and can connect up to 3 devices, providing more choices for your rich devices. It is perfectly compatible with Android, Windows and IOS smartphones, iPad, tablets, smart TV, laptops or computers.
【Durable and High Service】Cute wireless keyboard has 12 multimedia key combinations, let you quickly access computer, more than 10 million key clicks, provide you with stronger durability, NACODEX provides 24 hours of perfect service, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to help you solve!