NACODEX AK966 96 Key Hot Swappable Gasket Mount Keyboard | Amazing 10000mAh Bluetooth /2.4G /Wired PC Gaming Custom Keyboard with Kailh MX Cream Switch | Knob Control | MDA PBT Keycaps (Dream Summer)

Price: $149.00
(as of Jan 23,2023 11:48:53 UTC – Details)

NACODEX AK966 96 Key Hot Swappable Gasket Mount Keyboard is an amazing custom gaming keyboard that features Kailh MX Cream switches and MDA PBT keycaps. It comes with a 10000mAh Bluetooth/2.4G/Wired connection, and a knob control. This keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers who want a high-performance keyboard that is both comfortable and durable.

The NACODEX AK966 is a hot swappable gasket mount keyboard that allows you to easily switch out the switches or keycaps without having to open up the keyboard. This feature makes it easy to customize and upgrade your keyboard to suit your needs. The Kailh MX Cream switches are great for gaming and provide a smooth and responsive typing experience. The MDA PBT keycaps are also very durable and provide a comfortable typing experience.

The NACODEX AK966 also features a 10000mAh Bluetooth/2.4G/Wired connection and a knob control. This allows you to easily connect your keyboard to a variety of devices and control the settings without having to take your hands off the keyboard. The knob control also makes it easy to adjust the brightness and volume of your keyboard.

The NACODEX AK966 is the perfect choice for gamers who want a high-performance keyboard that is both comfortable and durable. The Kailh MX Cream switches and MDA PBT keycaps provide a smooth and responsive typing experience. The 10000mAh Bluetooth/2.4G/Wired connection and knob control make it easy to customize and control your keyboard. The NACODEX AK966 is the perfect choice for gamers who want a custom gaming keyboard that will last for years to come.

Product Description

diy keyboarddiy keyboard

hotswap mechanical keyboardhotswap mechanical keyboard

96% Gasket Mount Keyboard with Volume Knob

Multimedia metal knob made by CNC processPBT keycaps with dye sublimation process and popular MDA profileFactory pre-lubricated Kailh MX cream linear switch, the trigger is smootherIn order to reduce the sound of the cavity inside the keyboard, three layers of poron foam are added”FN+|\” switch 18 kinds of LED lighting effects, and can also drive custom 16.8 million kinds of lighting effects and music rhythmThree-mode toggle switch on the left, freely switch between USB wired/2.4G wireless/Bluetooth 5.0 any mode you wantThe hot-swappable socket is compatible with more than 90% of the popular 3/5 pin keyboard switches on the market10000mAh rechargeable battery, if the backlight is turned off, it can be used for about 1200 hours, if the backlight is turned on, it can be used for about 50 hoursThe driver can customize Buttons Setting, Macros, 16.8M RGB Effects, USB Report Rate, etc.

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gasket keyboardgasket keyboard

gmmk pro keyboardgmmk pro keyboard

AK966 Custom Keyboard Built-In 3 Layers Poron Foam

Poron is a polymer material with a high-density structure, high sealing, cushioning and compression resistance.

In order to obtain an extremely smooth typing experience, NACODEX AK966 custom keyboard has built-in three layers of poron foam (including poron sandwich cotton, poron shaft under pad and poron bottom cotton), which can effectively fill the gap inside the keyboard, absorb hollow sound to the maximum extent, and bring softness tactile feel and quieter sound.

mechanical keyboard with knobmechanical keyboard with knob

Gakset Mount Structure

The 96% gasket keyboard adopts an improved gasket structure with a soft elastic PC material positioning plate to eliminate the problem of instability when the keyboard interior and shell are struck hard. Adding multiple small gaskets through the upper and lower covers not only improves the typing feel , and the sound is more pure and soft.

gmmk pro keyboardgmmk pro keyboard


1. How to Connect to Bluetooth?

Switch the left mode toggle switch to BT mode, press FN+Q/W/E for 3 seconds to enter pairing, the BT indicator flashes quickly and connect to “AK966 BT5.0”, and start normal use after the connection is successful;

2. If the Button is Abnormal, How to Quickly Restore the Factory Settings?

Press and hold “FN+Space” for 3 seconds and the white light flashes 3 times to restore factory settings;

3. How to remind the need to charge and how long it takes to fully charge?

When the battery is low, the red light of the FN key keeps flashing, the red light is always on when charging, and the LED light is off when it is fully charged. It takes about 40 hours to fully charge the 10000mAh battery;

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4. Does the AK966 driver support Bluetooth/2.4G/USB wired mode and can the polling rate be adjusted?

Use custom driver in 2.4G wireless and USB wired mode, you can adjust 4-level polling rate through the driver, USB wired and 2.4G wireless mode polling rate can be up to 1000hz, BT5.0 is fixed at 125Hz;

5.Does AK966 Support FN Layer Editing? Is There a Combined Hotkey for FN1-FN12?

96% hot-swappable keyboard supports FN layer editing, and you can also quickly access your computer through the FN1-FN12 combination hotkey.

qmk keyboardqmk keyboard

【Gasket Mount Hotswap Keyboard】96 key custom keyboard adopts the gasket structure, the popular structure with less screws, by setting multiple small gasket on the upper and lower covers to support the positioning plate, it greatly avoids the collision between the components of the internal keyboard and the hard shell of the keyboard when it is tapped. 3-layer Poron Noise-cancelling cotton reduces hollow sound and makes typing feel softer; it is also compatible with 3/5pin, built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals!
【MX Ice Cream Switch & MDA PBT Keycaps】AK966 adopts Kailh’s popular full POM material MX ice cream switch, 55g operating force, 2mm action travel, with a sense of paragraph when clicking, very stable up and down touch, only mild “bang” “click” sounds can be heard when typing late at night; MDA profile spherical keycaps design made of PBT material looks more rounded, and the contact surface between the top of the keycap and the fingertips is larger.
【Amazing Battery Life & 3-Mode Connection】10 000mAh rechargeable bluetooth gaming keyboard has amazing battery life, up to 1200H with lights off, enough power for vacations and business trips for more than one month; Bluetooth 5.0, wireless 2.4G and type-c wired mode can connect up to 3 equipment, providing more choices for your rich equipment, perfect for your pc computers, smartphones, tablets, ipad or laptops.
【Programmable RGB and Metal Knobs】MAC mechanical keyboard has 18 light modes, By driving custom dreamy 16.8 million chroma LED backlight, light & shadow and music rhythm functions, lights can dance with your music rhythm and will change with the light & shadow of your desktop, you can also adjust the music through the metal knobs, allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of the keyboard.
【Friendly Detail Design】3-mode toggle switch design on the left side of the hot swappable mechanical keyboard can quickly switch any mode at will. There is no need to worry about losing the 2.4G dongle hidden design on the right side of the RGB game keyboard; Adjustable foot pad provides comfortable angle for you to type/play for a long time. It is the best choice of your typist, programmer and gamer.
【What Will You Get More?】1×AK966 hot swap custom keyboard, 1×USB cable, 1× Dust Cover, 1×Metal knob, 1×2 in 1 puller, 1×English manual, 4×Mac keycaps, 4× Kailh switch tester, NACODEX will provide 24 hours perfect after-sales service, if you have any product problems, please contact us!