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New Pet in Free Fire: Throwing Stronger with Fierce Partner, Piston

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Free Fire kicked off the new year with two thumbs up, they introduced a powerful and frightening new pet, the Beaston. This powerful cyber baboon is a good support for players with special skills on the battlefield. Let’s go, we’ll see what power our new companion has to offer.


Pet skill

For those of you who are surprised at how terrifyingly scary animals can be, wait. In-game description says: “Don’t look at his looks. He has a good heart.” Beaston skill is a helping hand. It has the ability to increase the throw distance of grenades, gloo walls, flash bang and smoke grenades by 10% at the initial level. When the Beaston level rises, its skills will be boosted by 20%. At the maximum level, the projection distance can be increased by 30%. What a threat!


Pet actions

The Beaston can do three actions. The first is “celebration” – shown when a player kills an opponent or uses the medkit. Aside from that, there is a third “play” and “display” – both of which can be viewed using the steering wheel.


Pet skins

Like other pets in the game, the Beaston has a skin called the Great White Beaston. As the name suggests, this leather gives the Beaston pure white fur, with black stripes and golden ornaments, very similar to Hanuman. Then how about creating the best personalities of the team? Try to use Beaston with Alvaro’s Art of Demolition skill to gain throw distance and extra damage.

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