Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon blue)

Price: $39.99
(as of May 18,2022 03:49:57 UTC – Details)

Enjoy the home console gaming experience, even without access to a TV. Nintendo Switch can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy life may be. It’s a new era where you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to play games – instead, your console adjusts to fit around your lifestyle. Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone! Improved battery life. Approximately 4.5-9 hours. The battery life will depend on the games you play. For instance, the battery will last approximately 5.5 hours for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Joy-Con Control Sticks Are Not Responding or Respond Incorrectly

    • What to do
    • With the Joy-Con controllers attached to the console, verify that they register correctly as attached within the Controllers screen, accessible from the HOME Menu.
    • If the Joy-Con controllers are not registering correctly on the console, please read Joy-Con Not Recognised or Not Registering While Attached to the Console.
    • Ensure your console has the latest system update.
    • Ensure the Joy-Con controllers have the latest controller firmware installed.
    • Remove any skins or covers, if any, from the problematic controllers, and calibrate the control sticks.
    • If the issue is occurring with a specific game or application, try the following:
    • Check for any available software updates for that game.
    • Check the electronic manual for that game. Some games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, support in-game tilt controls. If these are activated, it may seem as if the control sticks are not responding correctly. If this is the case, the in-game tilt controls may need to be deactivated.
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    This model includes battery life of approximately 4.5 – 9 hours. The battery life will depend on the games you play. Model number: HAC-001(-01) (product serial number begins with “XKW”).
    Nintendo Switch allows you to get the family together and enjoy gaming on the big screen
    You can also enjoy the console gaming experience on-the-go, without the need for a TV
    Play anytime, anywhere, in handheld mode