PMW Play My Way Kitten Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite Blue,Small Size Controller for Nintendo Switch

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Product Description


PMW Play My Way, Blue Kitten Controller for Nintendo Switch/Lite,Small Size


First time to connect: press Y and Home buttons together for 5 secondsReconnect: just need to press home button for 3 seconds, It can’t wake up the switch/lite, So the console needs to be turned on when you connect with Switch.IINE controller with six axis to make the game fell in reality.IINE Kitten controller support multiplayer game, it can support up to 8 controllers in multiplayer game.It with Turbo function,it can set up auto fire and clean auto fire,Please follow the video instructions to set auto fire. Kitten controller is dual motor vibration,it has three gears to adjust,Please follow the video instructions to adjust vibration.Besides connect with Switch/Lite it also can use for PC,Connect PC please connect via come with cable.Please follow the video instructions to connect with PC.

kitty controllerkitty controller

If your controller can’t connect with Switch/Lite ,reset the controller.There is a small hole back of the controller( hidden a reset button in the hole) use a needle press it.Please follow the video instructions to reset your contoller.


Charging port: Type C, Charging 3hours can use 7-8 hours.Built in 300mAh lithium battery.Don’t use quickly charger, high power charger and the Switch original charger.High-power chargers can easily damage the controller.Suggest to use output 5V 1A charger, or plug into USB prot of dock via come with cable to charge the controller.Charging display: During in charging the 4 led lights will keep flashing,The 4 lights are always on after charging in the power on state,The 4 lights will be off after charging in the off state.


If your controller joystick drifting itself, Please set your controller as below steps:

Reset your controller, there is a small hole back of the controller( hidden a reset button in the hole) use a needle tie it.Press the home button of pink amiibo controller to reconnect with switch.Adjustment joysticks steps:System settings→Controllers and Sensors→Calibrate Control Sticks.Set according to the Switch instructions ,Press down the joystick which you want to calibrate,Press X button to enter into calibrateRestar switch and reconnect with SwitchPlease following the vido intructions to set up.

Package with a 1m USB to Type C charger cable ,Charging 3 hours can use 8hous
With Auto-fire function also can cancel the auto fire
Dual motors vibration and adjustable,With Six axis gyroscope makes game feel more interesting
Support multiplayer games, up to 8 controllers can be connected,Please remove the original joycon when playing single player games to avoid signal interference.
Please use come with cable wired connect dock and TV when you first connect

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