PUNWEOS Wireless Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite,Joypad Controller with Turbo Button Ergonomic Hand Joypad Joystick Remote Replacement for Switch Controller-Grey

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Product Description



The Joycon switch can be compatible with Nintendo’s latest switch 12.0.0. It supports dual vibration and built-in gyro in every controller and every gamepad has a full set of buttons. Screenshot button to take and save screenshots. We offer you a pleasant gaming experience.

How to connect

A—Handheld mode

(1) Slide the Joy-Con down until it makes a noise. Make sure it is properly aligned and tight.

(2) The console recognizes that the Joy-Con has been connected.

B—Grip mode

(1) Slide the Joy-Con down until it makes a noise. Make sure it is properly aligned and tight. Scroll through the options in the HOME menu to confirm that Joy-con is paired with the console.

(2) Disconnect the Joy-Con from the console and automatically reconnect to the console. The player LEDs of the Joy-Con flash.

(3) After pairing, the player LEDs corresponding to the controller number remain lit.

(4) Attach the Joy-Con to the Joy-Con handle connector. Use the rail on the side of the Joy-Con handle and slide the Joy-Con downwards until you hear a click.




Long Standby Time

The built-in 300 mA high-performance battery can be charged for two hours and played continuously for 10 hours. The high-performance battery life is long, so you can enjoy playing all day long.

Turbo Function

The wireless controller can be customized Turbo button, you can set A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR. With the burst function you can experience the perfect fighting game.

HD Vibration

The Switch Wireless Controller supports two vibration functions, which can achieve excellent vibration effects and enhance game effects. These capabilities give you the same experience as the original Joy-Con.


Build in 500 NFC programs

NOTE:1.without NFC function.(but build in 500 NFC programs So you don’t need to buy amiibo to enjoy this feature)

How to use Amiibo function?

1. Turn on your console and pair it with the controller

2. First enable the NFC function on the Nintendo Switch. System settings → Airplane mode → NFC [Open], System settings → Airplane mode → (Bluetooth) [Open] Controller connection

3. Enter the option menu in the game and enable the amiibo function. (Please enter Amiib’s doll interface according to the specific game operation)

4. Press the [+] and [HOME] buttons on the right controller to switch between different games. At this time, the LED indicator on the controller will flash for 5 seconds according to different games to indicate that the switch is successful, such as LED2 and LED5 flash for five seconds and then stay on, indicating that the handle has successfully read the Amiibo data of the “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

5. Press and hold the R3 button of right controller then Press L button on the Left controller until the amiibo bonuses appear in-world

6. Repeat step 5,game will give you random items again


When a connection problem occurs

1.Restart the device and try to register again.

2.Disconnect the controller and try to register again.

3.In case of a temporary problem, it can be fixed by pressing the “Sync button” of the controller several times.

4.The battery may be too weak. Therefore, use it after fully charging.

【Compatibility】:The wireless switch controllers is compatible with Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite as a replacement for switch controller.The left and right controller can be used alone,which is suitable for multi players combat or cooperative playing.It can also be installed on the switch to become a handheld mode.This controller can also be connected to Switch Lite via Bluetooth
【TURBO Function and Built-in Amiibo Data】: The Joy pad controller can be customized Turbo button, you can set A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR. For switch controller’s continuous shooting function make you more enjoyable to play arcade or action games. With 6-Axis gyro somatosensory,Vibration function,Acceleration sensing and motion controls functions and 500 sets of amiibo figure data have been stored in the controller you don’t need to purchase amiibo characters separately
【Wireless&Wired connection】: Support bluetooth wireless sync and wired connection, synced up right away with the switch, didn’t require anything crazy to get working. Allowing to connect multiple wireless controllers to play multiplayer games. Stable signal, automatically reconnect, simple and convenient, you can enjoy the large gaming space without lag issue (NO IR motion camera function)
【300 mAh battery】: Built-in 300mAh lithium battery, playback time can last up to 10 hours, full charge time is 2-3 hours. This switch controller has 2 charging ways, Joy pad controller can be charged by console or charge the L/R controller separately by Type-C.It takes about 1 hour to fully charge one controller (Note: The controller is a bit bigger than the original controller,so it’s not compatible with the holder included with the Nintendo original controller)
【Ergonomic Design】 : The switch controller with the ergonomic design and the unique grip provided in the package, it makes the joypad replacement for nintendo switch controller is very comfortable to hold for hours and your hands won’t get tired. Especially fits for large hands.(Note:This controller has no NFC function and cannot read Amiibo data,but the controllers build in 200 NFC programs so you don’t need to buy Amiibo to enjoy the Amiibo data of 12 games)

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