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Building Simple RESTful API with Flask

RESTful API is very popular trends right now. Almost web application use API to provide a client-server application. Today we are gonna learn REST API example by building a simple RESTful API with Flask. Flask is a framework based on Python. It is very powerful and lightweight to build any …

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Configure Docker for Flask Application

Docker – a leading software container platform—can simplify the overall application delivery experience by providing a common platform for collaboration. Docker integrates seamlessly with existing tool chains, making it easier to deliver software rapidly.Without Docker, there will be so much difficulty in development environment, because every programmer has different environment. …

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Creating Your First Flask Application

This time we will cover the steps to create a new development environment for Python and the Flask web development framework. We will create our first Flask application and we will learn how to configure custom routing rules inside Flask. Flask is a micro framework used for website and Web …

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