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Git behind office proxy

Just create or edit you .gitconfig in your root of your home profile. And append below line. [http]proxy = http://username:[email protected]:8080 Save it. And retry to git clone again. Alternate option. git config --global http.proxy address:port Originally posted 2019-06-03 22:43:00.

How To Install Git

We already know basic What is Git in previous tutorial. Next We will do the installation and preparation to start learning Git. This tutorial is divided into three parts: How to Install Git on Linux. How to Install Git on Windows. The initial configuration must be done after installing Git. …

Git for Beginner

Git is one tool that is often used in software development projects. Git even become a tool that must be understood by the programmer, because it is widely used everywhere. On this session we will learn Git from the base. This article will only discuss the introduction of Git. To …