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Basic commands for managing Nginx services

Error outputting nginx configuration

Pronounced “engine x”, Nginx is the best free, open source, and high-performance reverse proxy server program responsible for handling the loads of some of the largest sites on the Internet. Nginx can be used as both a standalone web server and a reverse proxy for Apache and other web servers. …

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Optimized NGINX Configuration

How I optimized NGINX configuration for my several websites. NGINX is yet robust and powerful web server. Below is my optimized nginx.conf file. user www-data;worker_processes 16;worker_rlimit_nofile 787695;pid /run/nginx.pid;events { worker_connections 8192; multi_accept on; accept_mutex off;}http { ## # Map http agents to block all bots ## map $http_user_agent $limit_bots { …

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How to Install NGINX

What is Nginx? NGINX is an fast and robust open source software that basically a web server used for reverse proxying, caching and load balancing. It also provides HTTP server capabilities and is mainly designed for maximum performance stability. It can be used as a proxy server for email (IMAP, …

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Creating Vue.js Application using Nuxt.js and NGINX

Vue.js is one of the UI framework that highly in demand nowadays. It is very powerfull to build a Single Page Application along with other tools. Nuxt.js is also a framework build on top vue.js. Why bother to use Nuxt.js over Vue.js itself? Derick has explain very well about this: https://medium.com/vue-mastery/10-reasons-to-use-nuxt-js-for-your-next-web-application-522397c9366b …

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Install Wildcard SSL certificate using NGINX and Cloudflare

A website with SSL certificate is now very common usage. Not that you can increase your secutiry, it can also increase trust the customer that visit your site.I already explain how to install Letsencrypt SSL in NGINX server in my previous tutorial.So, how to install wildcard SSL certificate if you …

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