The Best Python IDE for Beginners

Every programmers need to hone their skill from scratch. Most Python programmers start to learn their first Python code in IDE. If you are looking for IDE for Python there are plenty free Python IDE available out there. You can find the complete list on Python Wiki. I am still sharpen my Python skill and currently help with the current Python IDE. We will recommend you Python IDE that you can use to hone your Python programming skill. And choosing the right IDE will have a huge impact on Python programming efficiency. You need to find Python IDE that suite your needs and use it for the rest of your learning journey. Most of pro Python programmers have chosen that path.


PyCharm is one of the best Python IDE built by Jetbrains. For the past 15 years, JetBrains has been developing top-level development tools designed to make development work easy and enjoyable. PyCharm has the functionality of a general Python IDE such as debugging, syntax highlighting, project management, code jumping, smart prompting, auto-completion, unit testing, version control, and more.

In addition, PyCharm also provides some great features for Django development, while supporting Google App Engine, and even more cool, PyCharm supports IronPython.

PyCharm is a professional python integrated development environment with two versions. One is a free community version and the other is a more advanced professional version for enterprise developers. The popularity of PyCharm can be measured by the fact that there are many big brand companies, such as Twitter, Groupon, Spotify, eBay and Telefonica, which use PyCharm.Most of the features are available in the free version, including intelligent code completion, intuitive project navigation, error checking and repair, code quality checks that follow the PEP8 specification, intelligent refactoring, graphical debuggers and runners.

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It also integrates with IPython notebooks and supports Anaconda and other scientific computing packages such as matplotlib and NumPy.The PyCharm Professional Edition supports more advanced features such as remote development capabilities, database support, and support for web development frameworks.My favorite reason for PyCharm is that it supports many third-party web development frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, web2py, google app engine and Flask, which makes it a complete rapid application integration development environment.

Official PyCharm download site:


Vim is an advanced text editor designed to provide the actual Unix editor ‘Vi’ functionality, supporting more sophisticated feature sets. The most important feature of the Vim editor is that it does not require the use of a mouse (in addition to the GUI version). In the beginning, you might think this is a very bad practice, but as long as you invest time – yes, it takes a lot of time – learning the shortcut key combination can greatly increase the speed of the workflow. Vim doesn’t require too much learning time, and once you need a seamless programming experience, Vim is integrated into your workflow.

The main function:

  • According to the set and can be fully compatible with the original vi
  • Multi-buffer edit
  • Any number of split windows (horizontal, vertical)
  • With a list of scripting languages and dictionary functions
  • Can be called in Perl scripts, Ruby, Python, Tcl, MzScheme
  • Word abbreviations features
  • Dynamic word completion
  • Multiple undo and redo
  • The corresponding text file over 400 kinds of syntax highlighting C / C ++, Perl, Java , Ruby, Python language other than 40 kinds of automatic indentation
    using ctags tags jump
  • After a crash recovery file cursor save recovery position and the open state of the buffer (session function)
  • May be a differential pair of two files, diff mode synchronization of the remote file editing
  • Omni-completion (context-completions)
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The Vim editor has 4 exit modes:

  1. In the last line mode: x
  2. In the last line mode: wq save and exit
  3. In the last line mode: q! Do not save and force to exit
  4. Command mode: save and exit Shift + zz

Official Vim download site:


Atom is a lightweight IDE. The installation of Python plugin is simple and convenient. It has massive community that actively contributed to Atom plugins. There many plugins for Python development.

Official Atom download site:


Sublime Text is one of the most popular editors among developers, versatile, supports multiple languages, and is very popular in the developer community. Sublime has its own package manager, and developers can use TA to install components, plugins and extra styles, all of which enhance your coding experience.

Official Sublime Text download site:


To be one of the best Python programmers you need to hone your skill and have tools that suite your needs to accelerate your learning progress. Choose the best Python IDE and stick with it, and you will have see how your skill improved.

So, which one your best IDE for Python learning? Tell us in comment below 🙂

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