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The engine skin leakage on the Cobra Free Fire (FF) Project is really cool!

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Prior to the Cobra Project event on Free Fire (FF), several leaks surfaced regarding the event. One of them is a cobra-shaped motorcycle leather.

As stated on, in the event, you will later find many attractive trophies from the missions presented by FF, including the special interface.

Not only that, the Cobra Project event is also rumored to have a cool variety of looks. One of them is the legendary package, and the complexion currently discussed will be available in a pack in four colors.

Interestingly, at this event there will also be all-red and cobra-shaped attributes such as Evo Gun MP40 Predatory Cobra, Surfboard Cobra skin and Gloo Wall Cobra skin. Wonderful isn’t it!

Meanwhile, leaks regarding Cobra Motor skin have also been circulating on the internet. So for those who are curious to see what it looks like, let’s see below.

Here is what the Cobra Free Fire (FF) motorcycle looks like.

Leather look of the Cobra FF Project Motorcycle

As you can see, the cobra design motorcycle combines black and red, which makes the bike look even cooler. Apart from the design, the leather of the motorcycle is also equipped with a futuristic tire color.

At first glance, it looks like a racing motorcycle in general, but with this skin it makes the motorcycle look like a luxury motorcycle from the future.

However, this article is only a leak and there is no official information about when the Cobra Project motorcycle skin will be released on Free Fire Indonesia.

Well, as players we just wait and of course expect something more than expectations.

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